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2006 Calendar Chinese New Year for Kids

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Calendar Chinese New Year for Kids
Calendar Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year for Kid Activites

~ The Chinese New Year Celebrations are two weeks of feasting and fun

~ the Chinese New Year is clebrated with lots of colorful parades, get-togethers with family and friends, wonderful fireworks and rituals to bring in the new year.

~ The Chinese New Year

~ It's a perfect time for a fresh start often accomanied by house cleaning similar to european spring cleaning ceremonies.

~ The 2006 Chinese Date New Year as well as all the other years is based on a combination of the lunar and solar calendars therefore it falls on a different date each year. You can work it out by observing the moonphases - the Chinese New Year is always celebrated on the second moon after the winter solstice.
~2006 Chinese Date New Year is on 29th January 2006 2

Chinese New Year for Kid Activities

2006 Calendar Chinese New Year Activity for kid

~ Kung hei fat choy!
Learn the traditional Chinese New Year Greeting - it means Happy New Year in Cantonese

~Red paper scrolls: In traditional Chinese homes, positive words such as "health" or "prosperity" are written on red paper scrolls and scattered throughout the home. For kids this is a good writing activity, younger kids can be provided with dot to dot traceable words.

~ Year of the Dog : The year 2006, is the Year of the Dog so lots of activites can be organised around the attributes of dogs, caring, trustworthy, protective issues

~ Lai see:
Little red "Good Luck" Money envelopes filled with money
these red envelopes are called lai see and are traditionally given to children during this time. Make little red envelopes using contact paper and origami folding techniques. Make pretend money and hang up envelopes to decorate your classroom or home

~ Chinese for kids
LEVEL 1 Basic Chinese Lesson
(for 3-8 years old)
LEVEL 2 Essential Chinese Lesson
(for 3-8 years old)


Chinese New Year Activities
~ Chinese New Year Coloring Pages including chinese dragons, dot to dots and Spot the Differences Chinese New Year for Kid Coloring Sheets
are a great way to get kids to participate in other cultures celebrations
~ Chinese Calendars
create New Year Calendar page based on the 2006 chinese lunar new year

~ each year the date of the chinese new year chances so you need to check for the year that you are which date the chines calendar new year falls on

~ Maya loves gong to China Town and watch the big beautiful chinese dragons do their display of dance and drama
~ The chinese new year festival is very colourful with lots of drumming and music and dragon dancing ..and yummy chinese food

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