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African Masks Clay

African Masks Clay, African Clay Masks for Clay Animation at Lucy Learns

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African Masks in Clay

Having been inspired by traditional African clay masks Maya decided to have a go at creating some characters for her clay animation.

African Masks in Clay Supplies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • fimo bakeable clay • moldable clay• face molds• hands and feet molds• clay molding tools• wool for hair

she set out and warmed up the clay by molding it with her hands to soften it. Softening the clay helps when hoping to get the finer detail imprints from the face molds that show eyes and toes etc

We found these flexible facevmolds easy to work with as due to their bendable nature the finished face can be removed easily

Here a close up peek at the face mold

• picture if African Mask face mold

This face mold can be used for a variety of projects involving ethnic face styles

Here a close up of the hand mold and feet mold template

• picture of hand clay mold

We have 2 different ones of these clay molds with a variety of hands and feet sizes

Maya decided she wanted to create some African characters that cod be found decorating a totem pole and was looking for inspiration

We recently visited the British Museum London and on the first floor is an extensive exhibition of tribal masks from various cultures

Tribal Masks used were used for ceremonial purposes, traditional dances and in spiritual rituals.

Here a peek at the clay characters Maya created

Maya decided to give the tribal faces hands and feet and used wool to simulate a wild hairstyle

I can't wait to see what stories her clay animations will tell


The Loubodge Bird reporting about African masks clay for Lucy Learns Kid Activities News

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