How to Draw Flames

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How to Draw Flames

"Drawing for Kids Adventures"


~ Drawing is an amazing skill, but what is even more amazing is the different styles and interpretations that can be found among many young kid artists and established adult artists

~ In each stage in life art is viewed through a different lense, a different perspective colored by expereince, perception and growth of skill .

~ Drawing for kids lessons can either be perceived as too simple, too advanced or too inappropriate

~ Here at Lucylearns we believe learning can take place int he most amazing situations, inspiration can strike where one mighthave never thought of looking

~ learning to draw is no different .. Looking at someone in a how to draw video might not be your style, match your childs capabilities or even be what you want to draw ..but there might be one stroke of a pencil , one idea on how to draw an eye or simple an inspiration that can shape your and your childs drawing journey forever..

~ Nothing beats a looking at someone actually drawing , so here we have searched the internet for drawing videos of all kinds of drawing mediums and abilities that may teach how to draw, may let your play with drawing animals ... and may expand your childs drawing ideas into unkown directions ...

~ so you are invited to take a peek and let your and your kids creative juices flow ....

Free Drawing Videos

How to Draw Flames

A series of Free How to Draw Videos by many different Artists and Styles

Please note, these are amateur drawing videos, drawing inspiration from peoplein many walks of life .. containing in some cases maybe materials that you do not consider appropriate for your own personal family circumstances, so please check the drawing videos carefully before offering them for viewing to your child
~you might want to listen to the music accompanying the drawing videos first ( turn of the volume if the song is inappropriate for you)

How to Draw Fire

How to Draw Flames over your Name
~ this video shows drawing flames with marker pens and adding them to embellish a name

~ it is a bit fast but you can stop the video anytime to take a closer look, sort of drawing flames graffiti style



How to Draw Fire

~ a computer drawing using a simple ms paint program

shows how drawing fire can begin with shapes rather than just simple lines and how rotation and manipulation of angles and edges can produce interesting drawing results

~ We love the idea that you can experiment with drawing on a computer first and then translate some of the learned ideas into drawing flames or even painting flames

~ This one continues on to drawing flame master a flame superhero :-)


Drawing a Cartoon Flame Character
~ cute little simple cartoon flame character
drawing a cartoon flame wit a simple bold black marker pen

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How to Draw Flames, Drawing tutorials by amateur artists and professional artist drawing lessons, Enjoy Drawing videos in many different Styles
~ Whats your favourite way of drawing flames ?
~ Have you ever tired drawing flames on a computer?

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