How to Draw a Cat

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How to Draw a Cat ,Lucy Learns Video Tutorial on Drawing a Cat


How to Draw a CAT

"Drawing for Kids Adventures"


~ Drawing is an amazing skill, but what is even more amazing is the different styles and interpretations that can be found among many young kid artists and established adult artists

~ In each stage in life art is viewed through a different lens, a different perspective colored by experience, perception and growth of skill .

~ Drawing for kids lessons can either be perceived as too simple, too advanced or too inappropriate -- the beauty lies in the variety

~ Here at Lucylearns we believe learning can take place in the most amazing situations, inspiration can strike where one might have never thought of looking

~ We have added some how to draw for kid video tutorials featuring different styles and different artistic mediums on how to approach drawing , it is amazing to think what particular style might fire up your child to learn to draw

~ learning to draw is a journey.. Looking at someone in a how to draw video might not be your style, match your childs capabilities or even be what you want to draw ..but there might be one stroke of a pencil , one idea on how to draw an eye or simple an inspiration that can shape your and your childs drawing journey forever..

~ Here you will find out favourite drawing inspiration ideas -- take a peek if you like

How to Draw a Cat
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A-Z Drawing lesson kid and adults if they wanna have fun too :-) Learning to Draw is Fun - go be inspired!



How to Draw a Cat Profile

Cat Drawing Tutorial

There are many ways on how to draw a cat sometimes the simple outlines show the build up of a cat body structure best. Hacve a look at this tutorial on how to draw a cat

Drawing a cat profile can be tricky at times , getting the nose and expression to feel right as well as the whiskers of the cat from the right perspective ... have a go following the outline of a cats body from a photograph to see how a cat sits on its paws before drawing  


How to Draw a Cats

Cat Drawing Tutorial Video

Different aspects of a cat can be seen when looking at the different profiles when drawing it.. the eye of the person looking at it as well as the angle from which the cat is looked at all change the composition of the cats drawing
here another video tutorial on how to draw a cat ..

A simple cartoon cat can be fun to draw.. simply use the most common features of a slit eyes and whiskers and draw them into a cheeky face 


How to Draw Cats

How to Draw Cats Tutorial

Take a peek at a video of drawing a cat from the back, simple line art drawing of a cat that is facing the artist with the back but turning the cats head toward the person drawing
How to Draw a Cat, Lucy Learns Video Tutorial on Drawing Cats


 Take a look at how a cat it arches its back when it walks and how it turns with the head around leaving the body seated almost fully facing the front...their heads have an amazing capability to twist ..try drawing cats in different postitions and from fidderent angles to get a feel for their movement


how to draw for kid


Learn How to Draw for Kid
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Favourite Drawing Lesson Kid Style.
How to Draw a Cat ,Lucy Learns Video Tutorial on Drawing a Cat, Line Art Cat Drawing Totorial Video for Beginner Artists How to Draw for Kid and Adult Artist

Follow the links to Kid Drawing Step by Step Pages. Kids love drawing and often all that is needed to learn to draw is a spark of the imagination . Following the Picture to Draw Instructions are easy Step by Step for Kids Instructions that make drawing fun and easy ! Enjoy

How to Draw for kid, Drawing tutorials by amateur artists and professional artist drawing lessons, Enjoy Drawing videos in many different Styles ,Enjoy how to draw for kid lessons

~ Whats is your favourite style of drawing ?
~ When did you start drawing as a kid?


How to Draw Tutorials Video Icon How to Draw Tutorials with Video Support

See all How to Draw tutorials incl how to draw a cat with Lucy Learns


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