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Learn Chinese for Children
lucy learns about chinese for kids and mandarin chinese for kids
To Teach your child Basic Chinese Language skills there are many ways open , it depends on what i have access to and what my childs learning style is .. Maya is a visual and auditory learner, so does well with audiobooks and dvds as well as illustrated language learning books for kids
There are many differences in the chinese language , did you know that there is a difference between chinese and mandarin chinese for kids ?

~ Chinese for kids

~ Mandarin for Kids
~ To Learn Chinese Online can be a fun way to introduce another language to your kids in a homeschool environment or when you are supplementing your school kids education
~ For visual learners who love story telling chinese made easy for kid online learners .

Chinese For Kids - Learn Online

~ Learn Chinese for Smart Kids

LEVEL 1 Basic Chinese Lesson
(for 3-8 years old)
Essential Chinese for kids for 3-8 years old
sounds in both English and Chinese (Both simplified and Traditional Characters)

learning about
1. Fun with numbers
2. This is my Family
3. Searching for Colors
4. The weather
5. My body
6. Food
7. Desserts
8. Fruits
9. What time is it?
10. Farm Animals
11. Home Sweet Home
12. Fun Sports
13. My School
14. What are you doing
15. Transportation
16. Shapes in a Birthday

I find that when I take maya and show her the Video Demo she easily picks up whether she likes the learning style or not ... when i listen to her and observe her reaction to the material presented i can easily make an informed decision . What I like is that this program also has a Level 2 integrated, so further fun chinese kids activities are included.

After Level 1 of Learn Chinese for children the introcuction comes when the chold has reached the readiness for Level 2 where more topics in an indepth study are introduced.



Learn Chinese for kids Activities
Chinese made easy for kids
~ learning chinese with a book or even better with a dvd can be great fun and an interesting way to introduce languages even at a young age
~chinese made easy for kids

~ Kids are often fascinated by the different characters that make out the chinese alphabet

~ chinese lettering is like an art form, beautiful elegant in a chinese calligraphy style

~ Maya loves going to China Town and watch the big beautiful chinese dragons do their display of dance and drama at the chinese new year festival. Hearing native mandarin chinese people speak their language helps to hear the variations when teaching mandarin chinese for kids
~ The chinese new year festival is very colourful with lots of drumming and music and dragon dancing ..and yummy chinese food ..and full of exciting chinese material for kids to learn mandarin for kids

Learn Chinese for Children - Books and DVD's
Lots of colourful chinese for kids and chinese mandarin for kids or mandarin learning for kids book ideas ,some with dvd learning support


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