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Mary Anning Biography

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~Mary was a fossil hunter who started when she was vwery young
~ Studying Mary Annings Biography as part of our earth science lesson plan activites or indeed famous women scientists provided the opportunity to learn about Mary's poor childhood and the determintation she showed to overcome her familys hardships

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Mary Anning
~ Maya and I have always loved fossils, its like taking a little peek into history and actually touching it with your own bare hands
~ We have found lots of fossils on our excursions to Charmouth Beach in Dorset, Uk
~ Charmouth Beach is right next to Lyme Regis and has a wonderfully easy accessible fossil beach making it easy for kids to have a fossil adventure of their own
~ this is also the area where Mary Anning began finding fossil as a child ( Lyme Regis - Dorset) and wlaking in her fossil hunting footsteps is as simply there as strolling along the beach with your eyes wide open

~ Prepare to be amazed what fossil finds are right under your nose
~ to follow in Mary Annings footsteps near Lyme Regis there is no need for hammers or special paleontogist tools , simply a keen eye, patience and getting up early in harmony with the tides are the best ingredients for a successful fossil hunt
~ prepare for the wet conditions, have a suitable fossil collecting bag that eliminates the dand and wear sturdy foot wear and you are well on your way to begin your fossil collection

Mary Anning and Her Remarkable Discoveries
Mary Annings Treasures, is a little story including mary annings biography and her famous fossil finds as a child, makes a lovely story that can be read with fossil kid enthusiuasts
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Mary Anning: Fossil Hunter
Mary Anning Fossil Hunter

~ Mary was a British fossil hunter
~ she became interested in fossils as a young child and learned her skills form her father who was a cabinet maker that supported his family by selling fossils
~As a child Mary was strolling around the beaches of Lyme Regis in the borough of Dorset which is on the south coast of England and hunting for fossils
~ Lyme Regis coast and indeed Charmouth are well known for the famous cliffs that have released so many wonderful fossil finds
that date from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods
~ a lot of the fossil finds she collected she sold to support her family and add a little money to their household
~ she and her brother joseph found soo many fossils that they happly prepared fossils for many museums
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Fossil crafts and fossil activites for kids are suitable for enhancing your earth science lesson plan activities

~ hands-on science activities encourage active child participation and make prehistoric science for kids come to life
Mary's Famous Fossil Finds
Fossils for Kids
~ Famous Fossils she found include the FIRST fossilized Ichthyosaurus when she was only 11 or 12 years old
~ Maya and I took a look at her fossil finds displayed in the National History Museum in London, it is amazing to see the real fossil and makes history and studying the Mary Anning Biography come alive
~she also found a plesiosaur and many other fossil finds
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Mary Anning Biography
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~ Mary loved from 1799-1847
~ Before the word dinosaur even was even invented, she, a little English girl discovered a remarkable skeleton on the rocky beach at Lyme Regis.
~ For her that began a lifelong passion for the woman who became one of the first commercial fossil collectors. Mary Anning made remarkable Discoveries and spent her lifetime teaching herself about fossils and combing the rugged shore for ancient treasures. Her collection thrilled the public, excited the scientific community, and proved that a woman could overcome danger and social limitations to accomplish great things.

~ Mary Anning the Fossil Hunter a Mary Anning Biography for Kids

Fossil Pictures
Fossil Photos from our Fossil Hunt in Charmouth (dinosaur fossil beach
Dinosaur Fossil Photo
Fossil Photos from our Fossil Collection
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~ In 1872, curiosity incites a 12-year-old's English girl's interest in paleontology when she finds the entire skeleton of an ichthyosaur, an extinct sea reptile. Later, this adventurous girl went on to further her career in exploration of these extinct animals.
~ Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon is a remarkable story for enthusiastic kids interested in dinosaur fossils
~ Studying her life gives hope to every young aspiring famous paleontologist
~ If you are in London check out her fossil finds in the National History Museum, Maya and I loved it !!

Mary Anning Kids video by Miranda Maio

~ Have you ever found any fossils ?
~ What is your favourite fossil ?

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