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~Toys come and all shapes and sizes and have been around in various shapes, from and sizes since ancient times

~ Kids used to play with items found in their own surroundings, making their own homemade toys with found objects. Nowadays commerical toys are available in a vast number, catering to the whim of every childs fantasy from pirate toys to princess toys, disney toys to old fashioned toys that have found a revival ..from yoyos to hopscotch, jumprope toys to simple chalk games

~ Some toys stand the test of time ..playmobil toys have been a favorite in our house for a long time, from the first farm house and fences t the mighty playmobil castle that needs defending .. usually full of various assortments of animals that use it as temorary houseing :-) as well as Schleich animals which are beautifull made which such attention to little details ...many a dragon toy lives in various caves in our home

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~ Here at Lucylearns we
love to share the late toy news.. what can be found interesting , what toys are in what toys are out , which toys are hot of the press
Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the latest happenings in the toy market ... so many movies are relieased with toys matching the theme of the kids movie, character toys and old favourite cuddly toys like teddy bears, baby dolls and the supercharged kid bike will remain favourite in all kids herts
Here we will feature the Latest Toy Reviews and Toys in the News for Kids Activity Pages

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Free Toy News for Kids ..the latest ..the curious ..the wonderous...the fun ..Toys for boys and Toys for girls



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Can you remember your first ever toy that was given to you ?

~ I often try and think back to the first toys that I can remember, but only my doll stephanie stands out in my earliest memory ..she had long brown hair which I loved to comb ..but she could not pee like my sisters baby doll could :-)

~ I remember always wanting to have a race track ... like the boys had , or at least a fully fledged train track with light up train and level crossing ..but my mother would not cave in I layed out endless courts of roads with clothing pegs for car tracks and aligned my coveted matchbox cars for the start of the race :-)

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Latest Toy Reviews and Toys in the News for Kids Acitivies

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