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Amber Fossil Lesson Plan

Amber Fossil Lesson Plan, Making Fossil Amber Insect Replica ,Fossils for Kids

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Fossils for Kids
Insect Amber Fossil Lesson Plan
Amber Fossil
Maya Homeschool Kid Travel Top 10 Family Top Vacation Worldwide Ideas for Kids

~ Fossils are a fascinating subject to study when exploring prehistoric and indeed historic evolution with kids
~ To find an insect in amber offers the opportunity to study it even though it existed so long ago

Fossil Lesson
Amber with Insect
Lucy Guardian Angel For Kids Travel and Family Vacation Angel
More Fossil Activities for Kids
Fossil Insect Lesson Plan

~ Maya and I have always loved fossils, its like taking a little peek into history and actually touching it with your own bare hands
~ amber fossils hold a specialness about them because the whole amber fossil insect is visible and can easily be studied with the naked eye or a special geological microscope

~ Prepare to be amazed what fossil finds are right under your nose

~ even young children can become experienced fossil hunters with a little guidance and patience

~ try and look up your nearest local fossil finding area and prepare a kids activity day to explore the area
~ often there are fossil clubs which you can joine that can offer help indentifying fossils

Objective of Fossil Lesson:
Insect in Amber

~ show students that in prehistoric times insects became fossilized
~ explain that amber is a resin secreted by pine trees
~ demonstrate how insects from prehistoric times became fossilized in Amber
~ Explain that the sap of the pine tree is very sticky and and insect that caught itself in it would get stuck
~ Once the insect caught in amber it would remain their and the sap form the pinetree would continue to flow , dripping onto the insect and over time cover it up completely
~ the layers of sap would harden and fossilized over time
~ the amber with insect in it would remain intact and preserved
~ the prehistoric insect in amber could thus be studied today

Hands-on Activity
Amber Fossil Lesson plan

this fossil lesson can be planned over a weeks time, simulating the slow passage of time before amber fossil insects would be fossilized

Make Replica Amber Fossil Insect Fossils

Materials needed for fossilized insects:

small dead insect or a plastic insect
bottle cap ( bottle top)
clear nail polish (you can add a drip of orange food color to the nail polish)
pine cones (optional)
tweezers (optional)

Instructions on making fossilized amber replica
Amber Fossil Lesson Plan

~ Take a small bottle top ( bottle cap) and place it onto your worksurface
~ pick the dead insect up with a pair of tweezers and place into the bottle cap
~ Take the clear nailpolish Slowly drip clear nail polish over insect.
~ set the bottle cap in a safe place and leave to dry
~ repeat the process several times and eventually the insect will be completely incased like a real amber fossil

Get students to take a walk in nature and find a pine cone or pine tree, look out for the sap and encourage participation in designing the Amber Fossil Lesson Plan to suit the kids needs

Printable Fossil Activities for Kids
Earth Science Lesson plans and more Fossil Lesson Plans
Fossil Lesson
How to Make a Fossil Insect Replica in Fossil Rock
Ideas for Fossil Lesson Plan:
Insect Fossil Rock

Make the fossils with plastic insect inside then hide them in a large sandpit for students to find
~ hand out little hammers to tap the fossil find with , crack open to reveal the " fossil insect" Find
~ Instructions for making fossil are easy to follow
Insect Fossil Pictures
Insect Fossil Picture
Insect Fossil Picture
click to enlarge
can be used as a fossil coloring page i your Amber Fossil Lesson Plan
Amber fossils are treasured by many and amber jewellery has become very popular to wear

~ Maya wears a special amber necklace for children that is said to sooth and be benificial when worn on the skin

~ Special Baby amber jewelry for babies is , Baby Amber ,a fossilised resin, is said to have the power to calm a baby and alleviate the symptoms of teething.Maya loves her special amber necklace

~ Collecting Fossils is a fun and rewarding kids activity
~ it is more difficult to find amber fossils then it is to find rock fossils but lots of amber fossils are available for viewing and touching ( as they are quite sturdy) so it is worth locating an amber fossil insect as part of your Amber Fossil Lesson Plan and study it with the children
~ if you have a microscope you will be amazed what detailed insect fossil in amber preservation remain

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