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Archaeology for Kid History Lessons and Fun

Archaeology for Kid, What is an Archaeologist? How to Do a Garden Dig? Tools & Tips for Kid Archeologists

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Archaeology for Kid
archaeology activity for kid ,Archaeology for kid

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on an Archaeology excavation? Lets learn a little bit more about what Archaeologists actually do

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages What is an Archaeologist?
~ Archaeologists are scientists who study the life and culture of ancient people and civilizations.
~ Archaeologists try and piece together the past by studying the places and objects left by people who lived on earth a long time ago.
~ A scientists that dig dinosaurs are called paleontologists. Paleontologists study the fossils of plants and animals.
~ A scientists that know all about rocks and the history of the earth.are called geologists.

~ Archaeologists have to know a lot about what a paleontologist knows and they have to know about the geology of where the people lived to understand how they lived.
~Archaeologists study people.
Archaeology activity for kid ,archaeology for kid

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages Difference between Historic and Prehistoric.
~ Historic events are detailed if evidence has been found in written records ~ ~ ~ Prehistoric is any events that happened before written records
archaeology activity for kid ,archaeology for kid

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages Where do Archaeologist go to Study People
~ Finding a "site" where people lived is just a matter of looking for it.
~ It might be the remains of an old log cabin built in the 1800s somewhere in East Texas or an adobe house in West Texas.
~ It might be a dugout built in West Texas by early settlers.
~ These are all historic sites.
~ Prehistoric peoples lived all over the earth . Sometimes they lived in rock overhangs called rock shelters. They also lived in campsites that were not protected from the weather very well.
~ They had to have some type of shelter in these open campsites, but it was likely simple since they frequently moved.
Archaeology activity for kid ,archaeology for kid

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages Why did people choose to live where they did?
~ living quarters had to be near food and water
~ Many historic sites were built on top of prehistoric sites because people have always had to have food and water.
Archaeology activity for kid ,archaeology for kid

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages What Tools do Archaeologists use?
~ Basic Tools: shovels, buckets, trowels, screen ( like a sieve) ,tape measures , brooms, little brushes, string, screens
A screen has wire squares that allow the dirt to go through but keeps the artifacts much like a sieve
~ Specialized equipment: survey equipment to help make a map of the site. Modern science equipment are often called "Total Data Stations"
~ Shovels are not used very often, . If there is earth to be shifted that doesn't have artifacts in it you can use a shovel, but you have to be careful. Usually Archaeologists use trowels (pointed tools which are also used by bricklayers) and dig very carefully so they do not miss any vital clues. Artifacts could easily break if you do no take proper care

chaeology activity for kid ,archaeology for kid

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages What Can an Archaeologist hope to find?
~ Clues of civilizations, places where ancient people have lived
~ Artifacts are items left there by the people who lived there.
Archaeology activity for kid ,archaeology for kid

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages What to do once the Archaeologists find artifacts?
~ locate the place where the artifact has been found on the map and write it ~ ~ ~ with a camera a picture of where the clue or artifact has been found can be taken.
~ a photo of the artifact itself is taken

archaeology activity for kid ,archaeology for kid

Archaeology for Kid
archaeology activity for kid ,Archaeology for kid

Have you ever wanted to do an Archeological Dig?

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages How to be an Archaeologist in your Garden
First try and find out a little bit of the history of your town or village
~ you might be able to locate some information on the Internet, research some old maps of the area in your library or ask
~ see whether there is an interesting spot in your garden ( providing permission has been given)
~ if you do not have access to a garden or backyard try and find a local Archaeology for kid society and find out whether you can join

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages Ready to Dig?
~ Get all the basic materials that you need together
~ Now we are ready to start digging (excavating).
~ Keep a record of the area where you are about to start digging
~ Create a square ( maybe 1mtr by 1 mtr ) and mark it out
~ keep records of where each artifact was found (clues, remember).
~ Dig carefully so all the artifacts can be mapped and photographed.
~ Put all the earth into buckets and take them to a screen.
~ Some artifacts and clues are very small and can easily be missed. Using the screen helps finding even the smallest clue..
~ It sieves out rocks, wooden pieces ,grass and all sorts of rubbish
~ Run some water from a hose over the earth to help get it through the screen

~ Collect all the artifacts you find and try to identify where they might belong
~ Try and notice what materials they are made of

~ Can you find pieces that belong together but have been broken apart?
~ Can you imagine who might have left the pieces there?
~ And Why?

It takes a long time to excavate a site fully but great fun can be had on a simple Garden Dig.

Archaeologist have to know about history, geology, math, and, of course, Archaeology. Being a scientist like an archaeologist takes a lot of work and study, but it is also a great job if you like to solve mysteries and find neat things which were left by people who lived in Texas thousands of years ago.

Archaeology for kid is a fun introduction to the principles of Archaeology , history for kids hands on.
Why not give it a try.

Archaeology for kid,chinese archaeology and kids,archaeology activity kid,history for kid

Archaeology for Kid Resources
Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages Dowsing For Kids - Can you find the treasure using Dowsing Rods? Professional Dowser are employed by many water companies to locate underwater pipes and water sources. Treasure Hunters utilise this ancient technique to find gold and hidden artifacts.Read more at the dowsing page
Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages Free Archaeology Pictures and Cliparts
by Lucy Learns

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