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Cute Cartoon Christmas Cat at www.wonderweirded-creatures.comCute Cartoon Christmas Cat at www.wonderweirded-creatures.comBlack Cat Cartoon

Cute Cartoon Christmas Cats

christmas Dog Clipart at www.wonderweirded-pets.comChristmas Cartoon Dog Stocking Christmas Cartoon Dog

Christmas Cartoon Dogs Clipart

Christmas Bull Dog Clipart

Christmas Dog Pictures to Color


Christmas Reindeer Clipart Collection

Cartoon Reindeer Clipart Collection


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Christmas Stocking Coloring Pages
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Snowmen Coloring Pages
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Cartoon Christmas Tree Clipart
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Realistic Reindeer Coloring Pages
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Christmas Angel Coloring Pages
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Easter Play for Kids

Easter Play for Kids,Print Free Easter Play Scripts for Easter Drama for Child

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Easter play for Kids

"Easter Activities for Kids"

Drama for Kids
- What is Easter all About

~ Easter is a time where oftne plays and dramatic performaces are arranged to express the sentiments of the season

~ Here you find a selection of dramas and plays for kids that celebrate the various aspects of the easter season

~ Enjoy taking a peek at the easter plays and if anything is to your liking you can follow the link to the actual script for the easter play- .. it will take you off this site to the dramatix script site


Easter Dramas and Plays for Kids


~A puppet easter play for children about the meaning of easter. This free easter play is a simple presentation for puppets, which looks at the common images associated with Easter

Summary: Two characters discuss the significance of eggs at Easter in a humorous way. Keywords: Easter, eggs, new life.
Style: Lighthearted. Duration: 4min
Actors: 2 puppets


~ Egg Template Patterns
~ several hen egg patterns, large and small sized, egg background collage pattern, and egg set template to print
free egg templates

~ Easter Template Patterns
~ several hand drawn easter egg templates , a collage egg images background , an easter egg shape book
free easter egg pattern to print


That Makes me Cross
~Style: Lighthearted. Duration: 4min
Actors: 2 puppets
Summary : Two characters discuss the significance of the cross on the hot cross bun in a humorous way. Keywords: Easter, cross, hot cross buns.

Two puppets.

Easter Play Kids - That Makes me Cross


Summary : A sketch in five small scenes, each portraying a stage in the life of Barabbas. It was performed for, and by children, and is to illustrate that sin, if not dealt with, goes from bad to worse and hurts not only ourselves but those around us. I’d like to think that Barabbas was a changed man after Jesus took his place on the cross; only eternity will tell! Keywords: Barabbas, Easter, punishment, rebellion, sin, cross.
Style: Drama. Duration: 10min
Actors: 7M, 2F, 3-5M/F, +V

Easter play for kids Barabbas

Summary: This Readers Theater piece, focusing on the Easter story, is an examination of spiritual callings through Joseph of Aramethea and his decision to bury Jesus. (Originally staged with back cyclorama and back lighting, creating silhouettes to the audience). Keywords: Easter, calling, spiritual gifts, ministry, doubts, fear.
Style: Dramatic. Duration: 15min
Actors: 3M, 2F, 2M/F
Scripture reference: raising of Lazarus through the Passion and appearance of Jesus to the Apostles in Acts.

Easter Play Sepulchre
Dramas for kids encourage the development of creative expression
We hope you enjoyed the inspirational ideas presented in this free easter drama selection, Drama encourages creative expression and develops the childs natural ability to respond to its surroundings

Easter Activities for Kids, Easter Plays and Easter Drama for Kids Theatre performances

~ What are your families favourite easter activities ?
~ Do you have a favourite easter coloring sheet?
~ Maya loves coloring and making her own easter drawings. Her favourite easter activity is dyeing easter eggs and decorating them with wax to create beautiful colour patterns before putting them into the dye . It is quite hard to blow them out ...but soo much fun .

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