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Easy Fortune Cookie Recipe

Easy Fortune Cookie Recipe,Fortune Cookies for Kids, Giant Fortune Cookie Recipe

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Kid Recipe Favourite
Easy Fortune Cookie Recipe

"Where Kid Activities and Learning is Fun "

~ Maya and I love cooking, and we love eating. We always try out new recipes and would love to know what your favourite kid friendly recipes are

Maya Homeschool Kid Travel Top 10 Family Top Vacation Worldwide Ideas for Kids

~ Here is one of our favourite section of homemade cookie recipes - Chinese Fortune Cookies take a little practice to prepare but they are great fun and especailly the fortune sayings can be made well ahead and be made into a customized fortune cookie


Chinese Fortune Cookies

Lucy Guardian Angel For Kids Travel and Family Vacation Angel
Chinese Fortune
Ingredients for this
Chinese Cookie Recipe

~Chinese Fortune Cookies are not actually Chinese but American thought to originate from California, but nobody really knows who the inventor was

  Big Fortune Cookie Peanut Butter Giant Fortune Cookie Recipe Fortune Cookie Picture
Peanut Butter
Fortune Cookie

2 large egg whites
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon pure almond extract
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
8 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch
1/4 teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons granulated sugar
3 teaspoons water

( these are all ingredients for this easy fortune cookie recipe - add peanut butter drizzling for extra effect)

  ~ The first fortune cookies reached China in 1992 imported from America advertised as "genuine American fortune cookies."
~ some people say David Jung, a Chinese immigrant living in Los Angeles and founder of the Hong Kong Noodle Company, invented the cookie in 1918 others claim that it was invented in San Francisco by a Japanese immigrant named Makoto Hagiwara a gardener who designed the famous Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.
How to Make the Fortune Cookies
Chinese Fortune Sayings

~ to make sure the chinese fortune saying fits inside the fortune cookie make sure they are on papers that are 3 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.
~ A little food for thought -Ideas for Fortune Cookie Sayings
~ A novel way would be to make little fortune cookie invitation
sayings, for a kids party ,a wedding or a chinese new year celebration
How to Make
Chinese Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookie Fortunes

easy fortune cookie recipe
~ heat oven to 425 degrees
~ grease a baking sheet.
~ put egg white into a bowl and lightly beat
~ add vanilla extract, almond extract and vegetable oil until frothy
~ do not beat until stiff, just frothy
~ in another bowl add sifted flour, salt sugar and cornstarch,
~ to in this flour mixture add water and blend well
~ into the egg white mixture and the flour mixture and stir until a smooth fortune cookie dough mixture emerges
~ the fortune cookie batter should drop easily of a spoon but not be runny
~ scoop a small piece of batter onto the cookie baking sheet
~ try and leave at least 3" space around them as they will grow larger
~ Move the baking sheet with a rocking motion to and fro so the batter froms little circles ( approx 2" in diametre)

~ bake the little fortune cookies until the outer 1/2-inch of each cookie turns golden brown and they are easy to remove from the baking sheet with a spatula (14 - 15 minutes).

easy fortune cookie recipe
~ NOW You need to work Quick
~remove the cookie with a spatula and flip it over in your hand.
~ Place a fortune saying in the middle of a cookie.
~ To make the fortune cookie shape, fold the cookie in half
~ carefully pull the edges downward
_ you might want to do that over the edge of your coffee cup, the rim of a glass or a clean spatula
~ if you make a lot of cookies it helps to invest in a cookie fortune mold or better "Fortune Cookie Mold" :-)

~ Toppings can be added for that extra special effect and seasonal celebrations, check here for photo ideas of toppings for personalized fortune cookies

click here for a printer friendly or black and white
printable version of this kid recipe

fortune cookie

A fun party gift
a little
  "Fortune Cookie Box " Gift

fortune cookie takeout box
If you are making special party fortune cookies maybe as party favors or take home childrens party gifts then a little
Fortune cookie
can be the perfect carrier for your chinese cookies - add a little recipe in the box so kids can make their own fortune cookies too

  silver asian cookie takeout box
We think they are soo cute and would make an unusual baby shower fortune cookie gift or baby birth gift- the babys fortunes held in a cut silver fortune cookie box

How to Make Fortune Cookies

Are Fortune Cookies found in China ? ..giggle

It is not known exactly who invented the fortune cookie, but they were first developed in California by immigrants who based the cookie on a traditional Japanese cracker. Finish a Chinese meal in the United States or Canada


Homemade Cookies Tip

easy fortune cookie recipe
~ Try and make only 2 chinese fortune cookies at a time,
until you have really practiced and got speedier at folding because when you take the fortune cookies out of the oven within 20 seconds the cookies become really hard and you will no longer be able to bend them
~ Preheat the oven so that you have an even temperature of heat oven to 425 degrees.
~ It might help to wear some gloves or use some cooking tweezers to pick up the fortune cookies as they tend to be very hot - adult supervision is definetly required with this kid recipe.
~ For special occasion the Big Fortune Cookie or even a Giant Fortune Cookie - it could be a real treat as a special occasion birthday fortune cookie or wedding fortune cookie
recipe for chocolate fortune cookie
~ dip the edges in melted chocolate( uese a double boiler ) to give that extra yummy touch
Easy Fortune Cookie personalized
~ to make a personalized fortune cookie find out some details about the recipient and make a cookie custom fortune
~ Tailor the the fortune cookie sayings to the occassion, like a special disney princess birthday party could have little prince and princess fortune sayings
and a chinese New year Party could have fortune cookie sayings about New Years resolutions
~ If you need lots of fortune cookies for a party or celebration organise a "Fortune cookie express pre-party " get-together and create with kids and friends your partyfoods
If you have not got time for this easy fortune cookie recipe and are in a hurry then this Fortune Cookie Kit might just save you lots of time!!


Maya and I love watching recipe videos as it is like a little mini cooking lesson .. visuals are so much easier to follow than a plain recipe at times

~ If you want to make a note of the fortune cookie recipe ingredients, simply pause the video to take notes in your recipe book :-)

~ Does your favourite chinese restaurant serve fortune cookies ?
~ What is the nices message you ever got in your fortune cookie ?

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