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Lucy Learns
Free Kids Activity Pages
Seasonal Additions
Cute Cartoon Christmas Cat at www.wonderweirded-creatures.comCute Cartoon Christmas Cat at www.wonderweirded-creatures.comBlack Cat Cartoon

Cute Cartoon Christmas Cats

christmas Dog Clipart at www.wonderweirded-pets.comChristmas Cartoon Dog Stocking Christmas Cartoon Dog

Christmas Cartoon Dogs Clipart

Christmas Bull Dog Clipart

Christmas Dog Pictures to Color


Christmas Reindeer Clipart Collection

Cartoon Reindeer Clipart Collection


Christmas Stocking Coloring Pages
Christmas Stocking Coloring Pages
Snowmen Coloring Pages
Snowmen Coloring Pages
Christmas Trees Clipart
Cartoon Christmas Tree Clipart
Realistic Reindeer Coloring Pages
Realistic Reindeer Coloring Pages
Christmas Angel Coloring Pages
Christmas Angel Coloring Pages
CARS to color

BOATS to color

FRUITS to color
Homeschooling vs Public Schools
What is Unschooling ?
What is Radical Unschooling ?

Cheese Coloring Pages
Food Pyramid Activity Sheets


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From Elementary Thematic Unit to K1-12, A-Z Thematic Learning Center Lessons

Unit Study Topics

"Where Kid Activities and Learning is Fun "


Here you find our A-Z listing of themes suitable for elementary thematic study units,kindergarten thematic unit. It is a little bit like mayas thematic learning center that we structure around our interest led based learning .
Traditional teacher thematic unit are listed by theme were appropriate .
Some activities may also be suitable preschool activities and sundayschool teaching as well as homeschool activities

Elementary Thematic Units

~ this is a work in progress as we continually discover new exiting things to learn about an make our learning resources like clipart,printables for kids,recipes,coloring sheets etc
~ all our resources are suitable for elementary homeschool curriculums, school projects,after school clubs, daycare activities and general fun kids activites, in general aimed at K-12
~ Enjoy browsing and sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date with all the new freebie offerings

A-Z Themes ~ Thematic Learning Center
A-Z listing of thematic unit themes suitable for elementary thematic unit,kindergarten,preschool thematic unit, This thematic learning center includes thematic unit lesson plan ideas for ,teacher thematic unit programs. The thematic lesson plan and thematic unit are adaptable for all ages so have a good browse and see what you can find
Angel Picture
Angel Coloring Pages
Angel Clipart Clipart
Angel Information
  Animals for Kid
Archeaology for Kid
Archaeology For Kid
Archaeology Kid Clip Arts
Dowsing For Kids
ART for Kids
How to draw for kid
How to draw unicorn
How to Draw a Face
How to draw dragon
How to draw dolphins
How to draw pig
How Draw Star War character
How to Draw Tutorials Video Icon How to Draw a Rose NEW
How to Draw Tutorials Video Icon How to Draw a Cat NEW
How to Draw Tutorials Video Icon How To Draw Easter Bunny NEW
Showcase for Kid Art
NEW Printables - Pictures of Sailboats
Care Bear Picture
Care Bears
Care Bear Printables
Care Bear Clipart
Care Bear Coloring Pages
Castle Coloring Pages
Castle Clipart
Castle Poems
Castle Quotes
English Royalty
Tower of London Tour
Windsor Castle Tour
Urquhart Castle Tour Loch Ness
Real Haunted Castles
Parts of a Castle Terminology
Make a Medieval Castle
Castle Games Online
Castle Board Games
swiss cheese picture cheese pic
History of Cheese
Cheese Making Process
Poem about cheese with writing lessonplan activity
Free Cheese Clip Art
Cheese Fact
Kid Recipe Cheese Collection
Cheese Printables
Chicken Coloring Pages and printables
Coloring Pages of Chicken Little
Chinses Dragon Chines New Year
Chinese New Year
2006 Chinese New Year Date
Chinese New Year Kids Activities
Chinese New Year Coloring Pages
Make Chinese New Year Red Envelope Craft
Chinese Chef Picture
Chinese Food Pictures
Print Chinese Money Paper
Make Dragon Origami
Chinese Dragon Clipart
Christmas Elfs
Christmas Clipart
Christmas Poem Maker
Main Christmas Coloring Pages Printables
Christmas ELF Coloring Pages
Christmas DOGS
Christmas TREES page 1
Christmas STOCKINGS page 1
Christmas STOCKINGS page 2
Christmas STARS
Snowflake Coloring Pages 1
Snowflake Coloring Page 2
Snowflake Shapes 3
Christmas Clipart Coloring
Cooking with Kids
Milkshake Recipes
Cooking Coloring Pages
Chef Clip Art
How Make Tuna Sandwich
Kid Recipe Collection
Cooking Clipart
Submit your Favourite Kid Recipe
Dog Coloring Sheets
Puppy Dog Coloring Pages
Make a Dog Mask
Nintendogs DS intro
Free Dog Game Online Skater Dog
Play Virtual Dog Game Bone Hunt
Little Tricks and Cheat Nintendos
Chinses Dragon Chines New Year
Dragon Coloring Pages
Dragon Clipart
for Elementary Thematic Units
Egg Template Pattern Printables
Easter Egg Patterns to Print

How to Draw Tutorials Video Icon NEW How To Draw Easter Bunny 3 Video Tutorials with matching coloring pages
Easter Play for Kids
Teacher Created Resources Easter
Palm Sunday Crafts
Palm Sunday Clipart
Easter Coloring Pages
Easter Egg Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages of Chicken Little
Easter Chicken coloring Pages
Rabbit Coloring Pages
Bunny Easter Coloring Page
Lamb Clipart
Lamb Coloring Page
Egypt Crafts Glass Blowing ( Video and Free Egyptian Glass Bottle Printables)
Egypt Images Printables
Egyptian Dance Women Printables
Egyptian Clay Pots Printables
Egyptian Veiled Women Printables
Egyptian Pyramid Sphinx Printables
Egyptian Spice Printables
Kid Egypt Coloring Pages
Ancient Egypt Lesson Plan
Egyptian Ankh Pictures
Eye of Horus Pictures
Canopic Jar Pictures
Map Of Egypt Project
  FASHION History

1950's Vintage Dress Patterns Coloring Pages

1950's Vintage Wedding Dress Patterns Printables
Artist Trading Cards Vintage Wedding Printables
Dr Seuss
suitable for Elementary Thematic Units
Dr Seuss Clip Art
Dr Seuss Coloring Pages
Ammonite Fossil Lesson Plan
Fossils for Kids
Fossil for Kid
Fossil Lesson Plan Ideas
How to Make a Fossil
Fossil Coloring Pages
Lucy Fossil our namesake explored
Fish Fossil
Insect Fossil
Amber Fossil Lesson Plan
Definition of Fossil
Famous Paleontologist Mary Anning Biography
Gardening for Kids
Gardening For Kid
Gardening Kid Sets
How to Grow Peas Photo Diary

How to Draw a Rose
3 video tutorials on drawing roses plus matching rose coloring pages
Child Book about Garden Reviews
Geography for Kids
Geography for Kids Mauritius
Kid Jokes
Kid Animal Joke Collection
Doctor Doctor Joke for Kid
Food Joke for Kid
Kid Math Joke
Kid Pirate Joke
Kid School Joke
Free Lamb Clipart
Lamb Coloring Pages
Lamb Clipart
Vintage Letters 1 Handwritten antique letters printables
Vintage Letters 2

Letters in Nature

Lighthouse Clipart
Lighthouse Coloring Pages
White Witch The Chronicles of Narnia
Narnia ~ The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe
suitable for Elementary Thematic Units
Chronicle of Narnia Summary
Narnia Characters
Narnia Movie Trailer
Narnia Activity Resources
Narnia Audio
Narnia Coloring Page
Biography CS Lewis
Narnia Map
Narnia Wallpaper
Narnia Clipart
Food Pyramid Unit Study Nutrition
Olympic Rings Clipart Olympic Rings Picture
Winter Olympics for Kids
Winter Olympic Coloring pages
Ice Skating Coloring Pages
Winter Olympics Online Games and Printables Kids Activities
Winter Olympic Sports Categories
Elf Owl FactSheets
Elf Owl Kid Activity Sheets
Elf Owl Pictures
me Pirates The
Why did Pirates Exist?
Famous Woman Pirates
Anne Bonney
Mary Read
Calico Jack
Henry Morgan
Henry Avery
Pirate Ship Coloring Pages
Pirates Skull and Crossbones
Pirate Flags
Pirate Flag Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages with Pirates
Pirate Printables
Pirate Ship Clip Art
Pirate Gif Images
Pirate Theme Graphics
Pixies Fairies Elves
Fairies Coloring Pages
Fairy Names Female
Fairy Names Male
Elf Quotes
Fairy Sayings
Pixies and Elves Images
Real Fairy Photograph
Polar Bear Picture
Polar Bears
Polar Bear Coloring Picture incl little polar bear
How Draw Polar Bear Step by Step Instructions
Polar Bear Poems
Polar Bear Songs
Polar Bear Pictures Clipart
Polar Bear Printables
  Pond Life NEW
NEWTS Newt Coloring Pages

Video ~ Pond Dipping for Newts
Princess Coloring Pages
More Princesses Coloring Pages
Princess Clipart
Princess Crown Clipart
sea shell picture
Sea Shells
Scallop Seashells Coloring Pages NEW
Sea Shell Coloring Pages
Sea Shell Clipart t and Sea Shell Photos
Identifying Sea Shell Finds
Cleaning Sea Shell Finds
Soccer Ball Clip Art
Soccer Terms and Vocabulary
Soccer Games
Free Game Online Play Soccer
Soccer Coloring Pages
Soccer Party Supplies
Soccer Gifts for Soccer Fans
Sudoku for kids Puzzles Sudoku for Children Printable Sudoku
Sudoku for Kids
Sudoku for Kids
Tooth Care Coloring pages
Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages of Tooth
Tooth Fairy Poems
Taking Care of Your Tooth
tic tac toe clipart Play Online Tic Tac Toe Printable
Tic Tac Toe Kid Game
Play Online Tic Tac Toe
History of Tic Tac Toe
How to Win Tic Tac Toe Strategy
Printable Tic Tact Toe Templates
Christmas Tic Tac Toe Holiday Printables
Maya Homeschool Kid Travel Top 10 Family Top Vacation Worldwide Ideas for Kids
Travelling with Kids NEW
How to Plan the perfect Family Vacation
Family Perfect Vacation Ideas
Perfect Family Beach Vacation Mauritius
Top 10 Family Vacation Spots Worldwide
What does All Inclusive Family Vacations mean
Kid Travel to London NEW
Horniman Museum Review
Tuna Fish
Tuna Fact Sheet
Picture of Tuna Fish
How Make Tuna Sandwich
Bumble Bee Song Tuna
Tuna Coloring Pages
Unicorn Card
How to draw unicorn
Unicorn Pictures
Books featuring Unicorns
Unicorn Coloring Pages
Valentines Day
Valentines Day Clipart
Valentines Coloring Pages
Kid Websites
suitable for Elementary Thematic Units
Teacher Created Resources
Angel Kids Activity Pages
Lucy Learns Home Page
Info on the Indigo Children
Coloring Pages
suitable for Elementary Thematic Units
Alligator Coloring Pages
Angels Angel Coloring Pages
Animal Coloring Pages
Care Bear Coloring Pages
Chicken Little
Chinese New Year
Christmas Clipart Coloring
Puppy Dog Coloring Pages
Dr Seuss coloring pagesg Pages
Dr Seuss Grinch Coloring Sheets
Easter Egg
Elf Owl
Fairies Printable Coloring Pages
Fossils NEW
Ice Skating
Pirate Skull and Crossbones
Pirate Ship Picture Colorin
Pirate Flag Picture Colorin
Pig Coloring Pages
Polar Bears
Tooth Care
Tooth Fairy
Winter Olympic
Wolf Coloring Pages
Activities Pages
suitable for Elementary Thematic Units
Free Kids Activity Pages
How to Draw an Alligator
How to Draw Dolphins
How to Draw Tutorials Video Icon How to Draw a Rose
How to Draw Tutorials Video Icon How to Draw a Cat
How to Draw a Wolf
How to Draw a Pig
Princess Activity Sheets
Free Dot to Dots Sheets
Free Mazes
Kid Word Search
suitable for Elementary Thematic Units
Angels Cooking
Care Bears
Christmas Clipart
Dr Seuss Dr Seuss Picture
Elf Owl Pictures Owl Cliparts
Palm Sunday
Pirate Graphics
Pirate Flags
Pirate Ships
Pirate Skull and Crossbones
Pixies and Elves
Tuna Fish
Leah A Home School Kid Diary Home School Child Journal ONGOING Kid Diary Blogs
A Home School Kid Journal

Homeschool Blogger
Journal on Blogger
e f

Update Teacher Blog
More Kids Learning Resources
suitable for Elementary Thematic Units

~These teacher printables are also suitable for kids activities after school, daycare kids activities and after school clubs, sunday school curriculums ,fundraisers and church activities
Elementary Thematic Unit Learning for Kids
We hope you enjoyed our selection of thematic printables and theme unit lesson plans Check out the new free printables and teacher lesson plan resources . We will be constantly adding to our thematic learning center including more ideas for elementary thematic unit,kindergarten thematic unit and general thematic unit lesson plan

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