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Enki Education

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Researching Enki Curriculum and the Pholosophy of Rudolf Steiner
Waldorf Inspired Learning


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A Look at Waldorf Homeschool,
Waldorf Education

Enki Home School is inspired by Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum

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Enki Curriculum
~ is inspired by waldorf, montessori, offering a multicultural, arts-integrated education
Enki Education.org

The Enki Curriculum is the integration of body, heart, and mind within each child. Focussing a lot on art inspired activities, whole child body movement activities and the integrated lifestyle of family and education

Beth Sutton is the founder of Enki Education with lots of years of experience in traditional Waldor Education. She has founded Enki to accomodate her varying principles in Whole Child Education

What we love about Enki

~ Following the Enki Approach has made a real difference in our family

~ Establishing a nourishing rhythm for all family memebers brought a renewed family spirit and a sense of expectation within the framework of our beloved spontaneity. Being able to integrate our own families peculiarities and still have a base to work with has been the greatest gift

~ we also love the support network that comes with the purchase of the Enki Curriculum , Beth herself is available for consultation as fell as monthly conference calls.

~ just being able to speak to other mums on the same path has been enormously helpful , when homeschooling can sometimes be a bit lonely for the teaching parent

Enki Expereince
If you are curious about Enki , its difference to traditional Waldorf Home Schooling, it similarities to the Waldorf curriculum approach, its integretation of the arts - or if you simply want to talk to other mums that are using it see the Enki Expereince Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EnkiExperience/

When you sign up for the Enki Curriculum you will be able to join the closed Enki Education Yahoo group which insures a tight knit community who all work within the same framework - which is soo useful to us/

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