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Fairy Name

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~ Here you will find a list of Male Fairy names including Magical Elves names and Mythical Dwarf names.
~ If you are naming a child and a certain Elf name speaks to you then your child is bound to have qualities of the Elfin family.
~ Alternatively Perhaps your child will learn to develop or draw on the Elfin qualities throughout his life.
~ Elves possess keen reflexes and senses. They are alert and quick to notice things others would not.
~ Like wise with dwarf whose qualities include working well during the night
~ Names are important as each time they are spoken it is as if you invoke a certain energy or quality that this vibration represents. Read through this list and notice if you are drawn to any particular name.

Aelfdane Danish Elf
Aeldene Of the Elfin Valley
Alberich Myth name (Dwarf)
Alfrigg Myth name (Dwarf) fairies ,fairy,flower fairy,amy brown,fary
Alston From the Elfs abode

Noble friend

Avery Elf Ruler
Brokk Myth name (Dwarf)
Dain Myth name (Dwarf)
Drake Dragon fairies ,fairy,flower fairy,amy brown,fary story
Durin Mythical Dwarf
Eitri Myth name (Dwarf)
Elden, Ealdun Of the Elves Valley
Elvin Friends of the Elves
Elvy Elf Warrior fairies ,fairy,flower fairy,amy brown,fary story
Fafner Myth name (Dragon)
Foster Guardian of forrest
Genius A gaurdian spirit
Hefeydd Father of Rhiannon fairies ,fairy,flower fairy,amy brown,fary st
Hreidmar Dwarf King
Kalen Warrior
Kheelan Warrior
Nidhug A Dragon fairies ,fairy,flower fairy,amy brown,fary story
Oberon King of Faries
Oren Fairy of pine trees
Roosevelt Field of roses
Sindri Myth name (Dwarf)
Suelita Little lily
Warren Watchman fairies ,fairy,flower fairy,amy brown,fary story
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