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Pixie and Elves Images and Fairy Names

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Fairy Names Girls
Afreda Feminine counsellor of Elf power
Alvar, Alvara, Alva Army of Elves
Alvina Friend of Elves
Arethusa Nymph
Blossom Like Flower
Breena Fairy Land
Brucie Spirit of the forest
Carling Hill where no women or witches gather
Diana Goddess of the woods, moon, hunting and wild animals
Donella Dark haired female Elf
Dulcina Rose
Eglantine Wild rose
Elga Elfin spear
Ella Elfin
Ellette Little Elf
Elva, Elvie, Elvena Good Elf
Eolande Violet flower
Erline The Elfin
Faylinn Faery Kingdom
Fay Fairy or Elf
Faye Fairy
Fayette Little Fairy
Gelsey Jasmine
Gullveig A witch
Hreidmar Dwarf King
Iduna God of Poetry
Jinx Spell
Latanya Russian Fairy Princess
Laila Gaurdian angel of child birth
Liliana Gracious Lily
Lilli Flower
Lilly Lily flower
Lily Blossoming flower
Lorelle Elfin Laura
Luella Famous Elf
Mab Joy
Marigold Golden flower
Maurelle Dark and Elfin
Naida Water Nymph
Nerida Flower or sea Nymph
Nissa Friendly Elf
Nixie Water Spirit
Nyx Spirite
Oberon King of Fairies
Odelina Elfin spear
Radella Elf counsellor
Raisa Dimimutive of rose
Rhiannon Nymph goddess
Rhoslyn Lovely rose
Rhoswen White rose
Rhyannon Great queen, Nymph
Rosina Little rose
Rossa Beautiful flower

Graceful rose

Rusalka Wood spirite
Shebille A Fairy
Shaylee Princess Fairy of the field
Shea Fairy Palace
Tana Fairy Queen
Tenanye Cheerful Fairy Queen
Zanna Lily
Zazanna Rose
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