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Famous Pirates Names "Stede Bonnet"
Famous Pirate Names Stede Bonnet
Introduction Stede Bonnet was an unlikely pirate because he left a respected job as an owner of a sugar plantation to become one. He was unusual because he bought his own ship in early 1717 (he was therefore not a 16th century pirate) instead of capturing one and also because he paid his crew from his own pocket. This was unheard of and yet it was this strategy that kept him being disposed of by his crew.
His Ships Name The Revenge
His Pirate Flag
Pirate Flag Picture Pirate Flags Jolly Roger
Sailed ~ He set sail from Bridgetown harbor without a word to friends or family to the Virgin Capes.
~ He sailed the New England coast up North then returning South where he dropped anchor in the bay of Honduras befriending Black Beard and deciding to cruise with him.
~ Tech (Blackbeards Lieutenant) soon became aware of Bonnets inexperience and took advantage of it.
~ After Bonnets return to The Revenge he set sail for Bath where he surrendered himself to the governor of North Carolina, Charles Eden.
~ He still continued his piracy despite this action, scouring the seas until he was captured.
Captured Ships He captured the Turbes and many other ships from then on that he burned. He became a famous pirate for his ruthless burning of all the ships he plundered.
His Ship Was Captured By Black Beards Lieutenant- Richard captured 'The Revenge' and later returned when Bonnet eventually persuaded them.
Died Bonnet was captured finally by Colonel William Rhett and brought to trial in Charlston where he was hung at the gallows on December 10th 1718.
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