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Famous Woman PiratesHistory of Women Pirates incl Mary Read and Anne Bonney

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Famous Woman Pirates
Famous Female Pirates , Pirate Maiden
Women Pirate Fact File

~ Throughout history there were many Famous Female Pirates
~ Anne Bonny and Mary Read are amongst the most Famous Female Pirates
~ Women Pirates often disguised themselves as males which wasn't difficult because a sailors clothes were baggy
~ Rachel Young disguised herself and used the name Billy
~ The estimated number of female Pirates is 40

Famous Female Pirates

16th Century
Grace O' Malley (Granuaile)
Lady Killigrew

Mrs. Peter Lambert of Aldeburgh
Sida al Hurra

17th Century

Anne Bonney (sometimes spelled Anne Bonny)
Mary Read Pirate
Anne Dieu-le-veut
Elizabetha Patrickson
Jacquotte Delahaye
La Marquise de Freesne
Mary Cricket (Crichett)
Mary Harvey (Harley)

Rachel Wall

18th Century

Catherine Hagerty
Margaret Jordan
Ching Yih Saou

19th- 20th Century
Catherine Hagerty
Charlotte Badger
Huang P'ei-mei
Lai Sho Sz'en (Lai Choi San)
Margaret Jordan
Sadie the goat
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