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~ Fossils are so intricate and when they have been well preserved can make a lovely picture to color
~ try printing the fossil picture onto watercolor paper ( check it is suitable for printers) and then watercolour the fossill picture


Fossil Fish

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The latest Fossil News about fossilized Fishes

~ the worlds largest fossil fish has been found by 2 paleontology students in England
~ Named Leedsichthys problematicus (Lead-SICK-this prob-lem-MAT-uh-cuss) this the fish is believed to have existed over 150 million years ago
~ this fish truly was a giant planktivore the size of a blue whale about 72 feet (22 meters)

~ Prepare to be amazed what fossil finds are right under your nose

~ even young children can become experienced fossil hunters with a little guidance and patience

~ try and look up your nearest local fossil finding area and prepare a kids activity day to explore the area
~ often there are fossil clubs which you can joine that can offer help indentifying fossils

Ammonite Fossil Lesson Plan
~ Wow - fossil hunter scientists have found a 375 million-year-old fish fossil north of the Arctic Circle in the Nunavut Territory , Canada

~ The fossil fishes found were between 4 and 9 feet long and have been given the name Tiktaalik rosae which would be pronounced like tic-tah-lick which in the native language of in Nunavut means "Large Fish that lives in shallow water"

~ this fossil of a fish is believed to tell us more about how evolution adapted fishes into creatures that managed to walk onto the land

~ this fossil find is unusual in that is has the scales, fins and gills of a fish although when looked upon closely the first beginnings of limbs can be seen

~ It is believed that Tiktaalik probably looked like a cross between a fish and a crocodile.
~ So far it has been determined that its head was flat and somewhat shaped like that of a crocodile
~ but unlike a crocodile its eyes were not on the side but on top
~ the fish fossil also had a neck and ribs similar to four-legged land animals

~ So for all Fossil Hunters and Scientist alike the burning question is WHY ? , what motivated the fishes to come onto land. These and many questions are the reason many fossil hunters are out there and kids are walking in their footsteps too

~ Not all parts of these fish fossils have been discovered yet- so watch out for more news !

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Ideas for Fossil Lesson Plan:
Make the fossils with plastic fishes inside then hide them in a large sandpit for students to find
~ hand out little hammers to tap the fossil find with , crack open to reveal the "fossilized fish" Find
~ Instructions for making fossil are easy to follow
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~ Collecting Fossils is a fun and rewarding kids activity that can be combined with other beachcombing activities too when exploring a fossil beach like Charmouth in Dorset, UK
~ taking a basic printout of what fossils could be found may turn your kids activity day into a real fossil hunt adventure

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