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Free Food Joke for Kid

~ this is our clean childrens joke collection with a Food Joke Theme, " Food Joke for Young Kid"
~ our food jokes a child friendly and we hope there is something here that will tickle you to have a good laugh
~ it is amazing how many different things different kids find funny, some laugh heartily at animal jokes whilst others enjoy science jokes that make your brain hurt with roaring laughter - here we present our favourite free food jokes for children

Food Jokes for Kids
Kids Food Joke Collection
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Why did the little grape try not to snore?
It did not want to wake the rest of the bunch.
Why dont polar bears eat Penguins?
Because they can't get the wrapper off.
How do you make an apple puff?
Chase it around the garden.
Why did the Tomato go out with Prune?
Because he could not find a date.
How do make a Swiss Roll?
Push him down an Alp.

Knock Knock
Who's there !
Gorilla !
Gorilla who ?
Gorilla me some cheese on toast please !

Why did the Apple Turn Over?
Because it saw the bread roll.
Food Joke for Kid created by Lila

Doctor Doctor
I think I am a grape
Stop whining

What is the worlds most expensive biscuit?
A Fortune Cookie
Food Joke for Child created by Dad

What skin does not peel in the sun?
Banana peel.
Food Jokes Kid Friendly Jokes created by Auntie Frenella
What peel does not ring?
An Orange Peel.

What did Captain Hook want for his pudding?
Peter Pancake.

Free Funny Kid Joke Collection

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