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~ Kids love fossils, especially dinosaur fossils although they are very rare to find
~ it is amazing however how many fossilized animal parts and plant fossils

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can easily be found if you knwo where to look. our family loved exploring sites that were well known to contain fossils and event he youngest kids were amazed how easily they found "treasure" on our fossil hunts
~ lets take a look at fossils for children, what to learn, how to identify and what fossil activites for kids can be had

What is a Fossil
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Fossil Fact Sheets for Kids

What is a fossil?

Fossil For Kid Fossil Pictures

Fossils are the remains of plants or animals that lived a long time ago or the evidence of them.ains of plants or animals that lived a long time ago or the evidence of them.
detailed Definition of Fossil

~ Maya and I have always loved fossils, its like taking a little peek into history and actually touching it with your own bare hands
~ We have found lots of fossils on our excursions to Charmouth Beach in Dorset, Uk , it is as simply there as strolling along the beach with your eyes wide open

~ Prepare to be amazed what fossil finds are right under your nose

~ even young children can become experienced fossil hunters with a little guidance and patience

~ try and look up your nearest local fossil finding area and prepare a kids activity day to explore the area
~ often there are fossil clubs which you can joine that can offer help indentifying fossils
Ammonite Fossil Lesson Plan
Fossil Types
Dinosaur Fossils
Fish fossil
Insect Fossil
Plant Fossil
Lucy Fossil - our namesake explored
Our Fossil Activities for Kids
Fossil Pictures
Fossil Coloring Pages
color in detailed fossil pictures free kids printables
Our Fossil Pictures Fossil Clip Art
Lila and Mayas favourite Fossil Clip Art :-)
How to Make a Fossil
step by step instructions for replica fossil rocks and replica amber fossils
Discovering Dinosaurs with a Fossil Hunter
Discovering Dinosaurs with a Fossil Hunter
Free Fossil Pictures Fossil Clip art our fossil picture collection of fossil clip arts
~ Printable Fossil Activities for Kid
free printable kids activities sheets
Fossil Lesson Plan Ideas
fossil lesson ideas for teachers
Fossil Photos from our Fossil Collection
Amber Fossil Lesson plan
how to make a fossil replica fossilized insect
Paleontology Explored
How are fossils formed?
What does a paleontologist do? Fossil Dinosaur Egg
What is the difference between a paleontologist and an archeologist? Fossil Coloring Pages
What tools does a paleontologist use? Fossil Pictures
Paleontologists Picture Definition of fossil
Famous Paleontologists

~Mary Anning, the famous paleontologist who started collecting fossils as a child and soon turned hersefl into a fossil expert

Fossil for Kids
Fossil Hunts for Kids Paleontology Explained
Fossil for Kids
~ Collecting Fossils is a fun and rewarding kids activity that can be combined with other beachcombing activities too when exploring a fossil beach like Charmouth in Dorset, UK
~ taking a basic printout of what fossils could be found may turn your kids activity day into a real fossil hunt adventure
~ if you and our kids get really enthusiastic try joining a local fossil club with your geological society, often they organise kids activites too

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