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~ Fossils are a fascinating subject to study when exploring prehistoric and indeed historic evolution with kids
~ Fossil lessons for the very young can include simple coloring pages and hand-son activities whilst older kids will have fun with our lesson plan ideas


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Insect Fossil
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~ Maya and I have always loved fossils, its like taking a little peek into history and actually touching it with your own bare hands
~ We have found lots of fossils on our excursions to Charmouth Beach in Dorset, Uk , it is as simply there as strolling along the beach with your eyes wide open

~ Prepare to be amazed what fossil finds are right under your nose

~ even young children can become experienced fossil hunters with a little guidance and patience

~ try and look up your nearest local fossil finding area and prepare a kids activity day to explore the area
~ often there are fossil clubs which you can joine that can offer help indentifying fossils

~ There exist over a million species of insects
~ It is thought the largest insect fossil "the fossil dragonfly" Meganeura lived about 250 million years ago
~ this "dragonfly fossil" had a wingspan of over two feet.

~ Today there are not many isects fossilized in fossil rock
~that is due to the insects exoskeleton which does not preserve very well in most environments that contain oxygen
~ the exoskeleton of the insect is made of chinin, which is a thin plastic like material
~ it is a waterprrof covering that simply odes not preserve well in rock fossils
~ Insect fossils however are found often fossilized in a resin called amber
~ Amber is tree-sap mostly from pine trees

See our Amber fossil Lesson plan Teacher Resource for more info n how amber fossil insects are formed

Printable Fossil Activity for Kids
How to Make a Fossil
rock fossils and replic amber fossils
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A Kid's Guide to Digging Up Dinosaurs, Exploring Evolution, and Finding Fossils
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Insect Fossil Picture
Fossil Insect Dragonfly Fossil
Fossil Photos from our Fossil Hunt in Charmouth (dinosaur fossil beach
Insect Fossil Picture
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Fossil Insect Dragonfly Fossil
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Dinosaur Fossil Photo
Amber fossil Insect Picture
Fossilized Insect Picture
Fossil Photos from our Fossil Collection
Amber fossil Insect Picture Fossilized Insect Picture Paleontology
Fossil Lesson
How to Make a Fossil Insect Replica
What does a paleontologist do?
Ideas for Fossil Lesson Plan:
Make the fossils with plastic insect inside then hide them in a large sandpit for students to find
~ hand out little hammers to tap the fossil find with , crack open to reveal the " fossil insect" Find
~ Instructions for making fossil are easy to follow

Paleontologist Picture
Famous paleontologists
What is the difference between a paleontologist and an archeologist?
Paleontologist tool
Fossils for Kids
Tip:Fossil Hunts for Kids Paleontology Explained
~ Collecting Fossils is a fun and rewarding kids activity that can be combined with other beachcombing activities too when exploring a fossil beach like Charmouth in Dorset, UK
~ taking a basic printout of what fossils could be found may turn your kids activity day into a real fossil hunt adventure

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