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Game Party Soccer

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IDEA 1: Party Soccer Game

Play Crab Soccer Party Game

What you will need for this Party Game soccer

2 trash bags ( you need strong thick version that can withstand some rough handling)
old Newspaper
Some String or Twist Tie Wire
Sticky Tape

How to Play this Soccer Party Game:

1. Make a crab soccer ball
~ take 2 trash bags and put one inside the other
~ stuff the bags with old newspaper that you shape into balls
~ closed it with some string and tape the whole crosswise.
~ you can also use an inflatable soccer ball

2. Pick teams
~ pick the members of each team and set up two goals
the goalposts in this soccer game can be marked with anything that you have to hand sneakers,gloves,bags,piece of wood etc.).

3. Play the Game Party soccer
~ just liek soccer the aim is to get the crab soccer ball into the net of the goal
~ BUT: players will have to run and kick the crab soccer ball in the crab position
~ the crab position means, the soccer players have to lean backwards on the gorund, propped up on their arms with their bottom just sticking up off the ground and kicking the soccer ball forward - what a giggle
The team that scores the most goals wins.

Idea Game Party Soccer :
~ Make the distance between the soccer gaols not too far, it is quite tiring to "run on your arms"
~ have soccer party refreshments handy for "time out "

IDEA 2: Party Game Soccer

Mini Soccer Party Game

What you will need for Game Party soccer:

~ drinking straws
~ aluminium tin foil
~ a flat surface
~ a mini soccer goal ( can be made from 2 glass jars, painted with soccer balls for decoration using glass paint)
~ a whistle

How to Play this Soccer Party Game:

1: Pick
Soccer Teams
~ each soccer player gets a drinking straw
~ each soccer player gets a piece of tin foil to make their own soccer ball

3. Play the Mini Game Party soccer
~ the oject of the game is to prevent any balls entering your teams goal
~ all players must blw the soccer tin foil balls at the same time trying to score a goal whilst preventing to concieve one

Soccer Party Idea:
~ you can either take turns scoring goals in a specific time frame, use a whistle and a stopwatch for added effect and see who scores most goals in given time
~ or play with sepearte coloursoccer boals( add a drop of nailvarnish onto the tin foil balls to identify team colors)

IDEA 3: Party Soccer Game
Soccer Bowl

What you will need for this party game:

~ Ten empty soda cans or plastic bottles
~ an inflatable soccer ball

How to Play this Game Party soccer:

1. Set up
~ set up the empty soda cans or bottles in a triangle or circle formation
~ this needs to be done on a level surface

2. Play Soccer Bowl
~ depending on the age of the kids choose a suitable distance from the starting point to the pins
~ each player gets three tries to knock down as many pins as possible
~ kicking ball at the pins

3. Object of the Soccer Game
~try and knock as many pins over as possible
~ If all the "pins" fall before the soccer players 3 goes have run out, set them up again so the player can try and add to his score

Game Party Soccer Hint:
~ keep a decorated soccer score sheet for each player which can be added to their soccer party favour bag

IDEA 4: Soccer Party Activity

 Design Your Own Soccer Ball
~ Ideal for a small Soccer Party Game Activity
Kids can decorate a regulation (size 5) soccer ball and take it away instread of a soccer party favour

BUDGET HINT: buy one soccer ball kit and get the whole party to decorate 1 soccer ball for the birthday kid as a special birthday gift, not directly a game party soccer game, but an activity that helps quieten down the team after an exhausting day and provides a lasting soccer gift
Soccer Party Supplies

~ for party soccer supply check out our soccer party supplies page

~ there are lots of fun soccer accessories that add fun to your game party soccer games


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