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Getting Kids Started: The Basics
Gardening for children, creating a garden with kids and installing a love for botanical adventures has always been a firm favorite past time in our family

~ Maya loves pottering around in her little patch and playing, growing and investigating to her hearts content, in our gardening family everybody gets a plot to themselves

~ Take a little peak at our Kid Garden Adventures, from sensory gardens for kids, play gardens to wildlife ponds, child vegetable garden growing, yummy herb gardens and fauna and flora studies

~ Dedicate a small plot of the garden just for your child, even a special area on a city window ledge that no-one else can touch will make it "their own" If you have a garden then put little border stones around it to segregate the area, or decorate it. We use old tyres painted with outdoor paint for circular planting beds.

~ Go to the garden centre or plant nursery together- make it an exiting shopping trip. Start by planning their little garden pitch, budget the money and let them make individual selections so they can observe how their choices behave. Take a look at plant sizes, how tall or wide they will grow - turn it into a math measuring lessons to plan thier kid garden space wisely.

- Get the children their own child-sized quality gardening tools - made from sturdy metal so there wont be any nasty suprises or tears when the shovel bends or the rake brakes at the slightest bit of "real gardening activity"
Kids get really motivated and responsible for their own kid garden stuff if they are taken seriously in their tasks.

~ It is amazing to see how enthusiastic kids get if you just let them "Do it on their Own" - Let them dig, explore, play with bugs , observe the creepy crawilies, sow the little seeds even if their is spillage, even if the line is not straight- they will learn by their own mistakes

~ Buy a Child book on Garden Projects for Kids- Often he pictures get them inspired, especailly when there a fun and easy begiiner gardener projects to follow that assure success

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Easy Plants to Grow for Kidsgardening for kid,kid garden project,kid vegetable garden,child garden,
Gardening With Kids, kids gardening, gardening with children
~ The first thing children love to do in a flower garden is smell the flowers. Lot of varieties nowadays a bred so they look good but dont have such a swet aroma, some of the old-fashioned favourites are easy and rewarding for kids to grow.

Sweet Smellling Flowers for Kid Gardeners
Annuals ( they only grow in one year, some may reseed themselves)

~Carnations or clove pinks
~Evening or white campion (Lychnis alba)
~Nasturtium-particularly the old-fashioned giants, they are also really delicious in summer salads
~Sweet alyssum
~Sweet peas

Perennials ~( they grow year after year)
~ Roses
~ Peonies
~ Geraniums
~ Sweet violets
~ Helio­trope (Valeriana officinalis)

~ Hyacinth
~ Tuberose
~ Lilies
~ Daffodil (certain types are especially sweet smelling)

Easy Grow Vegetables for Kid Gardeners

~ Purple Sprouting Broccoli
~ Blue Coco beans
~ Savoy cabbage
~ Zucchini (Courgette)
~ Chinese celery cabbage
~ Pumpkins ( need a lot of space but great for Halloween, can be grown on compost heap)
~ Marrow
~ Kohlrab
~ Radishes
~ Sugar Snap Peas ( see our Pea Growing Diary here)
~ Leeks
~ Cos Lettuce
~ Shallots Onions
~ Celery
~ Cucumbers
~ Runner Beans ( great for creating aBbean Tipi with Bamboo poles)

Easy Grow Herbs for Child Gardeners

~ Dill
~ Parsley
~ Chives
~ Sage
~ Thyme
~ Apple Mint
~ Stevia ( a very sweet tasting leaf- like green sweets)

Easy Grow Fruits for Gardening With Kids

~ Rhubarb
~ Strawberries
~ Tomatoes
~ Cherry Tomatoes
~ Loganberries
( if you got space enough for a bush)
~ Blackberries( if you got space enough for a bush)

Gardening with Kids
we hope you found our Gardening for Kid Sitemap useful, enjoy browsing our site, sharing kid gardening adventures
~ Do you have a favourite vegetable you like to grow in your kid garden ?
~ Which one was the biggest vegetable you ever grew ?

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