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Gardening Kid Kit Selection

  Gardening Gift Basket for Child
Ohh I simply adore the little miniature Wagon- filled with everything a little Beginner Gardener needs to get started This Gardening Gift Basket contains good quality tools, made from real metal so that there wont be any Mini Gardener Tears

The Seed Pod Kit is a fun way to help beginner gardeners with sprouting their seeds for growing vegetables.......

It is nniquely dome shaped to allow for maxiumum light to get to your new seedling and creates just the right environment containing the right amount of water and warmth

Growing our own mushrooms has always been great fun in our house. A Growing Mushrooms with Kids Kit is a brilliant start to get all the right ingredients and growing environment for a successful kid gardening project. We love watching the mushrooms grow through the clear plastic like magic.

  Root Vegetable Viewer

Like most kids , Maya loves to watch her kid gardening projects progress. She loves the Root Viewers, which are especailly designed so that the seedlings roots are viewable through see-through plastic, making the progress reports very visually exiting. We love them seein gdaily progress of the little roots and making daily charts.

    #40 s Wheelbarrow

We do a lot of gardening and were searching high and low for a good quality Kids Wheelbarrow that actually had a hardwearing wheel on the front. The Red Wagon is simply superb, no more frustration when manouvering compost or some logs- Maya loves hers.

  Little Grower

Cute and practical , for the Little Grower the extra-tough leather gardening gloves protect from nasty stinging nettles and thorns . A Miniature sized rake, spade shovel, and trowel are all made from tough metal for real kids gardening not just "Pretend Play" just like the Kid tool sit below Maya felt like a proper gardener.

Garden Tool Set

It is hard to find a sturdy good Quality Child sized kid gardening tool set- so this is a real find - this kid garden tool set is made by "Red Wagons" a family based business that really care about their stuff- it is not a toy but a usable gardening tool set for kids that want to be proper gardeners not just "pretend Play"


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