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Geography for Kids Mauritius Fact File, Learn all About Mauritius Island

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Geography for Kids Mauritius Fact File

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Mauritius Fact:

~Mauritius is in the Indian Ocean,about 855km east of the African nation of Madagascar.
~ It’s a relatively small island
This tropical island paradise in the Indian Ocean has beautiful golden beaches, blue lagoons and one of the world's largest unbroken reefs.


Mauritus Island
Mauritius Geography for Child Learning
Full Name of Mauritius Island
Republic of Mauritius
Capital City
Geography for Kids Mauritius Map
map mauritius
click to enlarge map mauritius
Port Louis (pop 150,000)
Time Zone Travel
when travelling to Mauritius Holiday or excursion be aware of the time difference
Population of Mauritius
Size of Mauritius

.718.15 sq mi
1,860.00 sq km

Mauritius Weather

~ the central part of the island is about 600 metres above sea level
~ average 20ºC in August
~ average 26ºC in February. ~ ~ along coastal mauritius beach areas, the temperatures are often up to 5 degrees warmer


Hello in spoken languages
Bon Jour ( french)
Hi (english)

French (official)
English (official)
Currency Mauritius
Geography for Kids Mauritius Currency
currency mauritius
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mauritius currency picture
Mauritius Rupee (Rs)

Mauritius Food and Drink

 Rice Dish, Mauritius
click to enlarge
Rice Dish
Mauritius Food

Food Presentation On Table On Beach, Mauritius
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Beach Food
~ fresh seafood
~ exotic tropical fruits. ~rougaille, a typical Creole dish

~At different times in the history of Mauritius, people of different origins settled on the island
~ the main cultures are - Indian (Hindus and Muslims), African, European and Chinese
~ each group of people brought along their language, values and traditions.
~today a happy mix of all cultures live together on mauritius island, a brilliant example of peaceful co-existence of the main religions of the world.

Mauritius Customs
~ In Mauritius, women greet each other with a kiss on the cheek
~ men usually shake hands ~Indians may greet each other with a gesture called Namaste, bringing both hands together in a prayer gesture in front of their heart are
~ click here for an animated version of the traditional meaning of Namaste
~the " Namaste" greeting is often also used in todays western culture as a universal greeting from the heart meaning : "The spirit in me sees and acknowledges the spirit in you"
 Tea Plantations, Mauritius
click to enlarge
Tea Plantation
tea (tea plantation)
food processing
largely sugar milling
textiles, clothing;
metal products
transport equipment
nonelectrical machinery
  Dodo: A Brief History (Hardcover)

Dodo: A Brief History
Dodo Bird Picture

dodo bird fact
~ dodo or dronte (scientific name Raphus cucullatus)
~ the dodo was native only to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean
~ the dodo was a flightless
bird of the pigeon family
~ by 1681 the dodo became an extinct dodo bird

Fauna and Flora  
We hope you enjoyed our geography for kids mauritius fact file.
~ Have you ever been to Mauritus island?
~ Have you ever seen a picture of a Dodo Bird?

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