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Health Education for Kid

"Teaching a child to listen the signs of wellbeing coming from its body "

~Teaching my child about health and wellbeing is the first step in providing a lifelong basis for a healthy life. Second for a parent like me is to actually be a rolemodel and life a healthy life so that my kid can imitate and be familiar with a healthy lifestyle as part of her normal upbringing

~ But for me child health education also means enjoying sweets in balance to healthy food and being seen to learn along side my child rather than assume an air of superiority.

~For me healthy living is more than just providing a healthy diet for kid, it is a nurturing positive attitude towards all kinds of foods and the teaching a general awareness that the nourishing of the body enables kids to live a funfilled life.

~ For me, when I teach my daughter about child health education and food choices I am hoping to enable her to make an informed decision for herself rather than simply providing food for her..

~ There are so many people doctors and health practitioners, mother in laws and well meaning friends trying to tell me what is right for my child, how I should or should not feed my child

~For me I try and follow my intuition, follow my inborn instinct that is called mothering from the heart and
trust my knowing that I will pass onto my child .

~ For many mums that maybe the hardest part, when bombarded with conflicting literature, healthy eating books advocating differing fads and your health practitioners reaching for a pill faster than you can say what your actual health for kid issue is.

~ When so often the family unit no longer includes a community of women that support each other in child health education, when women find themselves as single parents unable to call on feminine support passed down advice through the ages.

~ So here I am going to write down what have found helpful, what others have found helpful and create a sharing platform that may bring a different point of view into the sea of sameness and might just help another mum to trust her intuition.

My Health Education for Kid Ideas

My Home Health
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~ There are many ways to educate a child about health issues, healthy living and wellbeing, in fact I believe there are many ways to maintain health which depend on seasonal variations on where you live, availibility of local resources as well as differing resistances and immunities that are a result of different lifestyle choices. I dont believe there is a universal "right or wrong" way of being healthy, i believe in regaining my ability to intuitively know what is the most beneficial way for my child and indeed for me to stay healthy.

~ Emotional wellbeing is just as important to me in achieving kid health in the body

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