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Henry Morgan the Pirate
Famous Pirates Names Sir Henry Morgan, "Morgan the terrible" , Captain Morgan Pirate
Born 1635 in Llanrhymni, Wales
Introduction ~ Henry Morgan Pirate was a 16th century pirate. He was captured as a boy and taken to Barbados to the English, West Indies colony and sold as a slave.
~In 1654 when Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell invaded Barbados Henry along with hundreds of young men seeking freedom where recruited.
~ In 1668 he was a fine admiral of a fleet of 15 ships.
~ At the same time he was elected by pirates to be the successor of Edward Mansfield (pirate of Jamaica)
~ His goal was to conquer Spain

~In 1668 he made two pirating ventures
~ He attacked the city of Peurto Princpe with great loss. His crew were ambushed along the way and half quit after the battle.
~ He then set to attack the great city of Poro Bello where he used captured priests and nuns to shield his crew.
~ After this success his force grew to 15 ships and 900 men.
~ In 1669 he led 8 Ships and 650 crew to attack Marcaibo a city of Venezuela
~ Here they found little reward and on their exit were trapped by 3 man- o-war ships.
~ Henry Morgan the pirate gave them the chance to surrender and after they refused he sent a dummy ship with buccaneers made from pumpkins on sticks towards them.
~ It burst into flames sinking the first two ships and allowing easy capture of the third.
~ This added to Morgan's reputation who was now known as a famous pirate.
~ His final endeavor was to plunder the gold of Panama but because England was no longer at war with Spain he was captured and thrown into the dungeons to await trial.
~ King Charles II, hearing of his great deeds knighted him instead in 1673 and he was ordered to rid the seas of buccaneers.

His Ship Was Captured By By English authorities after the war between England and Spain was over
Died Captain Morgan pirate died in 1688 after living a comfortable life of retirement in Port Royal
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