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History Cheesemaking

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History of Cheese Fact sheet

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A History Cheesemaking

~ Cheese has long been used as a way of preserving the goodness of milk.
~ Cheese was made in Neolithic times
~ herdsmen cultivated crops and domesticate animals and it is said that a horeseman on a long journey took his ration of milk in a traveling bag made from the stomach of a young animal. When the time came to eat , the traveler discovered that his milk had curdled and separated into softish lumps and whey.
~ Cheese was considered a precious commodity, a currency of exchange and a symbol of social rank and high quality of life.
~ Cheese could be found in Egyptian tombs
~ Monks were the first highly qualified cheesemakers who developed cheesemaking techniques in the 11th century
~ In the 15th century, Parmesan was made in Italy
~ in the 16th Century, Chesire cheese was made in England.
~ In the 19th century, Louis Pasteur's discovered pasteurization a preserving technique for cheese which gave rise to a whole new variety of cheeses
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History of Cheese
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