How to Draw a Pig

How to Draw a Pig, Step by Step Instructions on Pig Drawing,Draw a Pig named Lucy

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How to Draw Pigs


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What is your favourite style of drawing pigs ?
~ Do you like pen and pencils or do you prefer drawign pigs with marker pens ?


How To Draw A Pig

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages Pig Drawing Materials

~a sharp pencil HB soft
~good quality drawing paper

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages How to Draw a Pig:
Look at the Pig Drawing you would like to copy and get familiar with the outline shape
~ Notice the relations of all the pig legs to each other
~ Notice what size the head is in relation to the body
~ Start by drawing the pig snout and moving on to the outline of the head
~ add the 4 feet making sure that the hoofs are in proportion to each other and the body
~ the pig tail can sometimes be tricky as it curves around and on top of itself
~ to start of with you might want to draw a simpler version of the tail
~ practice with a piece of string or wool that you lay on the table so it curves like a pigtail would - try and follow the outlines
~ move on to complete the body and connect back to the head at the pig drawing
~ add the finer details that show you were the indentations are on the pigs ears
~ add the eyes to creat a pig impressions
~ you might want to play with different eyes, open ones, different posititions , different sizes to see what kind of facial expression you can create
~ add the pigs mouth into your pig drawing - again an opportunity to experiment with creating facial expressions
~ draw a sad mouth , a happy one, an indifferent one
~ Print the "How to draw a Pig" Worksheet out as many times as you need and simply use my outlines to fill in yours to practice

Free Kids Activity Pages, Free Kids Coloring Pages Lucy Learns Pig Drawing Gallery
Enjoy my pig dawings and send in your favourite pigs drawn by you for Lucy Learns Gallery :-)

Click on the Thumbnail Picture below to open a window with the Pig Drawing Pages ready to print out
How to Draw a Pig Printable Instructions

How to Draw A Pig Pig Drawing Step by Step  Drawing Worksheet

How to Draw a Pig
Draw Pig Lucy Step by Step Instructions

How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Pig

How to Draw a Cartoon Pig
Easy Pig Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw a Cartoon Pig Funky Style

Other Pig Pages On Lucy Learns
Pig Coloring Pages

~ Whats your favourite way of drawing pigs?
~ Do you like a realistic drawing of a pig or do you enjoy cartoon pig drawings ?

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