How to Grow Peas with Kids

How to Grow Peas, Step by Stpe Photo Diary ,Gardening Project for Kids Gardeners

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How to Grow Peas

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Gardening for Kids
An easy
Gardening Project for Kid Beginner Gardeners

Pea Seed Diary
Pea Seeds planted 12.02.

How to grow  peas step by step kid gardening project
Maya (age 3) Growing Peas
Materials needed:
~a glass jar
~blotting paper
~pea seeds

~roll up a sheet of wet blotting paper to fit inside jar
~put in pea seeds
~label the jar
~put into a warm place( maybe on a windowsill)
~wait and observe

How to grow  peas step by step kid gardening project
Growing Pea Jar Labelled
beginner gardening tip: always label all your jars if you are new to gardening, it helps identify each new seedling

Pea pod


Close up , we had to take it out of jar for photo


seed case softend up and opened,
little root starting to shoot out

Pea in the pod
how to grow peas
the first green pea shoot is emerging. jar had plenty of warmth and sunlight on the windowsill

Pea seedling is growing more roots, the green pea shoot has grown upwards toward the sun

DAY 23
the first real leaves are appearing on the pea seedling, lots more root growth too

DAY 55
how to grow peas
the pea seedling was large enough to now be transplanted into a growing on pot using good organic potting compost

DAY 79
pea plant moved into temperate greenhouse to harden off and acclimatise to outdoor temperatures

DAY 99
successful kid garden project, first two peas in a pod row planted out earth had warmed up enough in early spring to allow planting pea seedling out safe from frost

DAY 99
how to grow peas
close up view of flowers forming on sugar snap pea plant

DAY 109
lush growth on the pea plant, sugar snap peas are forming and filling out

a delicious specimen of a home grown sugar snap pea
DAY 111
how to grow peas
Successful kid garden project
sweet sugar snap pea pod freshly picked
30th May 2003

new pea seeds of sugar snap pea
DAY 114
how to grow peas
inside the newly grown sugar snap peas you find the first new pea seeds emerging


Two Peas in a Pod- Maya checking her progress and watering her child's garden every day

Tips for a a successful child's garden project:
~ keep the kid garden project simple but with relative fast result

~ grow something really tasty that the child likes, makes it so much more rewarding to go out in its own child garden to pick homegrown vegetables

~ set aside a designated "Child's Garden " area that is your kids very own space- it encourages responsibility and self respect

~ provide special
kid gardening tool kit or a beginner gardening kid set so that little hands can easily handle the gardening jobs safely ( a good pair of gardening gloves kid size should be standard in any gardening kid set tool- prevents lots of tears from cuts)
A Time Laps Video on How Peas Growh
grow to grow peas to study the way they rise to the sun ..makes a perfect ,gardening project for kid

How and When to Plant Peas



What is your favourite kid garden project ?
~ Have you managed to add a little space for a kid vegetable garden
~ Especially beginner gardening youngsters love growing peas as they are easy to grow and sooo tasty fresh of the plant
~ Here is a ,beginner gardening tip ..choose a variety of pea called mangetout ..they can be eaten very early and the shell is the bit that is sooo sweet ..

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