How to make a Fossil

How to Make a Fossil, Instructions for Making Fossil Finds Fossil Lesson for Kid

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How to Make a Fossil

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~ Fossils are so intricate and when they have been well preserved can make a lovely picture to color
~ try printing the fossil picture onto watercolor paper ( check it is suitable for printers) and then watercolour the fossill picture


Fossil Lesson

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How to Make a Fossil Ammonite Fossil Picture
Fossil Lesson Printable
~ Maya loves making "ice Fossils " too
~ simply find a suitable container that can be put in the freezer, add some water and suspend a plastic dinosaur or other suitable object in it
~ put into the freezer for a day and then you can become a Paleontologist investigating the arctic ice and investigating his fossil find

~ Prepare to be amazed what fossil finds are right under your nose

~ even young children can become experienced fossil hunters with a little guidance and patience

~ try and look up your nearest local fossil finding area and prepare a kids activity day to explore the area
~ often there are fossil clubs which you can joine that can offer help indentifying fossils
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How to make a Fossil

Ingredients for Making Fossil

1 cup clean sand
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup cornstarch
1/2 tsp. alum ((this is a type of spice)
chicken bone or other type of food bone, small plastic dinosaur, a plaster of paris model of a fossil, a fossil print on plasticine etc anything suitable as a replica fossil)

Directions for Making Fossil

~ take an old saucepan ( pot for cooking) and add 1 cup of clean sand
~ pour in 1/2 a cup of water and add the cornstarch
~ Stir well
~ add the alum and stir again
~ Over a medium heat put the saucepan on the cooker and start heating it whilst constantly stirring
~ as it slowly heats up it will begin to turn into liguid form
~ after about 2-3 minutes it will get thicker and the fossil making mixture will stiffen up to the consistency of a cookie dough
~ when dough like remove the fossil making mixture form the heat and give it a few moments to cool down

~ when the fossil making mixture is cool to the touch put it onto a chopping board or clean work surface and mould it with your hands into a ball like shape about the size of a baseball
~ open it up like a bread roll and put a chicken bone ( or similar see suggestions on how to make a fossil ingredients above)
~ Now the Fossil Making Mixture Ball needs to dry for a few days in a warm place until it is completely hard
~ Now let the Fossil Hunt begin
Ideas for Fossil Lesson

Make your own fossil
Make the fossils with plastic dinosaurs inside then hide them in a large sandpit for students to find
~ hand out little hammers to tap the fossil find with , crack open to reveal the "dinosaur fossil" Find

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How to Make a Fossil
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~ Collecting Fossils is a fun and rewarding kids activity that can be combined with other beachcombing activities too when exploring a fossil beach like Charmouth in Dorset, UK
~ taking a basic printout of what fossils are
~ What is your favourite type of fossil ?
~ Have you ever found an ammonite or a sharks tooth ?


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