How to Make Homemade Bird Feeder Hanging

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How to make Homemade Bird Feeder Hanging

"To see beauty in the creation of a child is to remember ones own "

Step by Step instruction video on how to make a birdfeeder for your garden birds

~ In the Winter time garden birds need more looking after , especially when food sources become scarce in cold season times
~ Fat is a really good medium to carry birdseeds in, as it provides extra nutrition for the different kind of birds that visit your birdfeeder
~ A pincone bird feeder is a project that can fit even in the tiniest of gardens or even a balcony or extented from a windowsill

~ If you live nearby a wood then go for a walk to fine a really beautiful pinecone to make the base for your homemade pine cone bird feeder
~ in the video below we use lard and a birdseed mixture but you can also try popping corn and stuffing the pinecone
birdfeeder with freshly popped unsalted, unsweetened popcorn and watch the birds go crazy for it

~ Once you made a homemade birdfeeder for your garden birdwatching can become a fascinating hobby. I have a birdwatching book right next to my kitchen window so I can identify the different species of bird that come to visit the pinecone birdfeeder.

~ I also use niger seeds to attrqact all kinds of finches and by the looks of it the pheasant is enjoying a little treat too

How to make a pine cone bird feeder..
Step by Step Instruction Video by Maya at

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~Have you ever made a homemade bird feeder?
~ What are your favourite birds in your garden ?
~ Do you have a birdspotting place where you catch sight of the best birds?

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