How to Make Paper Chain

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How to make Paper Chain
homemade christmas tree decorations

"To see beauty in the creation of a child is to remember ones own "


~ Here our find our original paper chains with printable paper doll chain patterns, christmas paper chain ideas, paper heart chains and photo instructions on how to make paper doll chain fun suitable for homemade christmas tree decorations
~ Scroll down for how to make paper chain instructions to print
how to make paper people chain

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Christmas Decoration Homemade Paper Chain
How to make Paper chain ideas for homemade christmas tree decorations

~ traditionally in england to decorate the christmas tree young kids make paperchains out of loops of paper that are hooped together
~ as a christmas decoration idea for fireplaces try making a motif paper chain with a christmas bauble, snowman, christmas tree or christmas angel design
Scroll down for a downloadable homemade christmas decoration paper chain pattern and how to make paper doll chain patterns
~ another christmas craft decoration using paper chain patterns is to make christmas giftags with the same patterns

How to make Paper Chain
How to make Paper chain ideas for homemade christmas tree decorations
~ there are 2 main types of paper chains

Loop Paper Chain
~ one uses loops of paper that have been cut out to equal size which are then interlocked before either stapled or glued together to form 2 interlocking loops

~ More loops are then added to make the desired length of your homemade christmas tree decoration, can be used to decorate the christmas fireplace as well
~ Coloured papers can be used, and either left plain or drawn upon to personalize
~ If money is tight then for a frugal christmas decoration you can use old magazines or newspapers to make your looped paper chains

Connective Doll Paper Chain Style
How to make Paper chain ideas for homemade christmas tree decorations

~ this type of paper chain uses paper dolls or other objects like christmas trees, snowmen, angels or christmas baubles to create a connective paper doll chain
~ in a paper people chain paper dolls are usually connected via the hands
~ is sometimes quite tricky to work out how to connect paper dolls in a chain when using objects like christmas trees or christmas baubles so that they do not fall apart
~ First you choose a strip of paper and fold it in equal sized pieces into and accordion fold
~ it is important to overlap to connecting parts of the paper chain so that they hold together once you open the chain
~ You may find our Photo instructions step by step for you to follow easy
How to make paper people chain with printables paper chain patterns

How to make Paper chain ideas for homemade christmas tree decorations
Photo Step by Step Instructions and downloadable patterns
How to make an accordian fold

Christmas Bauble Chain
Christmas Tree Paper Chain
Snowman Paper Chain
Christmas Angel Paper Doll Chain
Paper Heart Chain
Paper Doll Chain
Paper People Chain


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We hope you enjoy browsing the rest of the website , spot more homemade christmas decoration ideas and enjoy out kid printables . The christmas decoration pages have more ideas that help you with choosing the right christmas crafts for kids as well as for adult helpers
~ Homemade christmas decorations can become a lovely family christmas tradition in your family too . paper chains are an easy way to start
~ If money is tight frugal christmas decorations especially paperchains can be made with old magazines and newspapers too, add a touch of glitter glue for a bit of festive sparkle


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~ Have you ever made a paper chain ?
~ What is the longest paper chain you ever managed to make in one go ?

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