Identifying Sea Shell Finds

How to Identify Sea Shell Finds, Easy Indentifying Sea Shell Guide for Kids

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TIps for Identifying Sea shell

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Beach Finds
Sea shells are marvellous creations of this earth, such wonderous shapes and so beautiful to look at

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~ when you put your ear upon a large sea shell you can hear the ocean rumble

~ collecting sea shells is a fun kids activity for a beach vacation, trying to identify seashells can bring some learning into your day too

Seashell Photo Mauritius Seashell Picture

Identify Sea Shell
Beach Combing Finds

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Seashells make a nice momento to remind you of your perfect family beach vacation

~ Collecting seashells is a great kid activity for younger and older kids and indeed adults alike - a pastime that can be shared with all members of the family even the youngest ones

How indentifying sea shell and ocean shells
can start
~ you can classify shells by their physical characteristics; shape, size, color, type.
~ To begin to identify seashell start by looking at your shell collection
~ Lay them out on a flat surface ready to compare
~ Start to sort your shell collection into sea shells and ocean shells of similar characteristics
~ Look at the different weightts
~ scroll down for some indentification of seashell guides

~ If you an avid seashell collector then a good beginner book is a good idea for further study
A First Look at Seashells by Selsam, Millicent Ellis gives a good beginner introduction to identifying sea shell finds,explaining how they are classified and describing the differences that distinguish one kind of seashell from another.

~ click here of into on how to tips for Cleaning Sea shell beachcombing finds

Here some beginner tips for identifying sea shells ...

~ Sea shells and Ocean Shells can be used for many sea shell crafts and even to make sea
cleaning and indetifying seashells
shell jewellery
~ indentifying sea shell is easy for the most common ones
just think the most precious of sea shells contain pearls inside of them that are used to make beautiful pearl jewellery - you would be very lucky to find one of those

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Are you a shell Collector having fun indentifying sea shells?
Whats your favourite beach for shell collecting?
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Sea Shell Collector
Cleaning Sea Shell Finds
Indentifying Sea Shell Finds
Sea Shell Picture Gallery
Maya admiring the sea shell collectors finds on the mauritius beach Sea Sell Pictures

click mauritius photo to enlarge

Maya admiring the sea shell collectors finds on the mauritius beach
Indentifying Sea shell
~Sea shells for sea shell crafts and sea shell jewellery can be collected from many beaches
~ try making sea shell candles with leftover wax too
~ just make sure cleaning sea shells is done properly and then you can try out many sea shell crafts

Sea Shell Picture Gallery

Start with this category identification guide to the seashells you might find while beachcombing:

~Seashells belong the kingdom Mollusca
~they are soft fleshy slug like creatures
~ that have an hard external skeleton for protection
~ mollusks can be found in slaty sea water where they are called sea shells and fresh water like snails

There are 2 main types of seashells

Gastropod seashells

~these sea shells are univalve ~ univalve seas shells means that the seashells that are not hinged or joined together.

Bivalve seashells

~ these seashells are bivalve
~ bivalve se shells means that there are 2 pieces of that seashell that are hinged together

for further information on identifying your seashells and ocean shells look at this pictorial seashell identification guide


sea shells

found in the indian ocean
click to enlarge seashell photo
  Seashell Photo Mauritius Seashell Picture

Seashell Photo Mauritius Seashell Picture
Watch out when cleaning seashell !!


Be a responsible sea shell collector
~ protected seashells should never be cleaned or even touched as they are living creatures of this earth

~ corals and seashells should not be taken when diving in the sea or even snorkelling around a coral reef

~ they are there to be admired and respected and to LEAVE for other people to enjoy and for to earth to sustain itself

Sea Shell
sea shells treasures are even more precious when you are successful in identifying sea shell finds
~ Whats the favourite Seashell you ever found ?

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