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Free Funny Animal Joke Kid Joke Collection


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~ Maya loves jokes and her favourite are kids knock knock jokes, i love it when she ends over backwards laughing herself silly


Free Kid Animal Joke

~ this is our clean childrens joke collection with a Animal Joke Theme, " Animal Joke for Young Kid"
~ our animal jokes a child friendly and we hope there is something here that will tickle you to have a good laugh
~ it is amazing how many different things different kids find funny, some laugh heartily at animal jokes whilst others enjoy science jokes that make your brain hurt with roaring laughter - here we present our favourite free jokes about animals for children

Animal Joke for Kid
Kids Animal Joke Collection
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kids jokes animal joke for kid
Animal Themed Jokes

What did the Mummy Bee say to the Baby Bee?
Behive yourself.

What is the difference between a fly and a bird?
A bird can fly but a fly cant bird.

What are jurassic animals called when they are asleep

What is an alligators favourite game?

Why don't polar bears eat Penguins?
Because they can't get the wrapper off.

Why did the cat eat the cheese?
So he could sit in front of a mouse hole with
baited breath.

Why do cows wear bells around their neck?
Because their horns dont work.

Doctor Doctor
I think I am a goat
How long have you thought this
Ever since I was a kid

What do you call a blind Dinosaur?

How does the farmer count his cows?
With a Cow- culator
Kid Animal Joke created by Dad

Where did the male bird take the female bird on their first date?
For a Squalk.

What do you call a blind Dinosaur?
Clean Animal Joke for kids created by Auntie Frenella

What horse can't you ride?
A Seahorse


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