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Kid Joke Collection

Funniest Kid Joke Collection,From Child Knock Knock Joke to Themed Jokes for Kid

~ Children have their won personal style of humour and it is amazing to see just what makes them laugh

~ the simplest thing can tickle their fancy and cause a rip roaring laughter leaving many an adult wondering just what was sooo funny

~ here we share our favourite kids jokes, see whether they tickle you pink
~ Have you got a favourite joke you tell all the time ?

~ this is our clean childrens joke collection

~ with a special section " Joke for Young Kid" suitable for little ones

~ our jokes a child friendly and we hope there is something here that will tickle you to have a good laugh

~ it is amazing how many different things different kids find funny, some laugh heartily at animal jokes whilst others enjoy science jokes that make your brain hurt with roaring laughter - above all ENJOY
~ Childrens Jokes are organised by theme

Kid Joke Collection

Free Funny Joke Collection
Funny Joke Collection ~ Free Funny Childrens Joke
Easy Joke for Kid
Young ~
joke for young kid
Joke of the Day ~
kid child joke of the day
The Biggest Kid's and Childrens Joke Book
~ Jokes for kids of all ages
Jokes for Kids by Theme
Kid Jokes by Theme

Animal~ kid animal joke
~ animated joke for kid
~ bible joke for kid
~ kid cartoon joke
~ christmas joke for kid
~ Computer Joke for Kid

Doctor ~ Doctor Joke for kid
Food ~ food joke for kid
Hockey ~ hockey joke kid
Holiday ~ kid holiday joke
Knock Knock ~ free joke kid knock knock
Math ~ kid math joke
Music~ kid music joke
New Year
~ joke kid new years
~ joke and riddles for kid
Pirate ~ kid pirate joke
~ kid school joke
~ science joke for kid
~ kid sports joke
~ funny joke kid song
Story ~ kid story joke
Speech ~ free joke kid online speech

Valentines ~kid valentine joke
Yahoo ~ yahoo joke
Funny Kids joke Hoodie ...shh dont say it out loud ...wear a hoodie
Nobody listens to me till I f Kids Hoodie
Who is "THE Funny Child Joke Master"

Find out with the
Electronic Joke Master Jr.
THE all time favourite jokes like kid knock-knock jokes, elephant animal jokes, chicken jokes and more to get you inspired into creating your own versions

Funniest Kid Joke Competition
~ What makes you tickled pink?
~ Which joke can you simply not resist?
~ What joke theme is your favourite kind?
~ Which joke have you told that always makes people laugh?
Try holding a funniest kid joke competition with your friends and see who can make the most kids laugh the hardest ...
Have you created a masterpiece , a joke that is soooo good that is going to make other kids laugh too?

~ have you ever tried your kids jokes and adults ..but somehow they just did'nt get it ... giggle

We invite you to have a family get together and share your favourite child friendly jokes so everyone can have a good laugh too ... have fun playign with our selection of Childrens Jokes for All Ages

Funniest Kid Joke Books

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