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~ Maya loves jokes and her favourite are kids knock knock jokes, i love it when she bends over backwards laughing herself silly
~ this is our clean childrens joke collection with a Pirate Joke Theme, " pirate Jokes for Young Kid"
~ our jokes about pirates are child friendly jokes and we hope there is something here that will tickle you to have a good laugh
~ it is amazing how many different things different kids find funny, some laugh heartily at animal jokes whilst others enjoy science jokes that make your brain hurt with roaring laughter - here we present our favourite free jokes about pirates for children

Pirate Jokes for Kid
Kids Pirates Joke Collection
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Knock Knock
Who is there?
Turner Who?
Turn around there is a pirate behind you.

How much money did the pirate pay to get his ear pierced?
A Buck An Ear !

Kid Pirate Joke created by Lila


How do you spell galleon?
Well if you don't know how would I know.

What do you call a happy flag
A Jolly Roger

What did Captain Hook want for his pudding?
Peter Pancake.

Kid Pirate Joke created by Dad

Which bell can fly?

What treasure do pirates like to eat?
A Bounty.

What hook can't you hang your clothes on?
Captain Hook
Kid Pirate Theme Kid Joke created by Auntie Frenella

What dit the pirate cowboy wear on his head?
A ten Galleon Hat.

What did the Pirate wear to get warm in Winter?
Silver's Long John's.

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