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~ what is your favourite cooking time in your family ?
We love sunday roasts .. family cooking time in our house


Kid Cooking Recipes

~ a lot of children love cooking and trying out her favourite recipes is one of Mayas best activities

~ sunday is "Sunday Roast " Day and maya has a special secret ingredient when making breadcrumbed "Secret Recipe" cakes ..

~ so whilst she is not prepared to share her secret even with her dad ... we are happy to share some of our other favourite kid recipes here with you
Child Easy Recipe Collection

Here is Lucy's and Maya's favourite
Kid Recipe Collection ~ Kid Cooking Made Easy

...Kitchen Clipart Icon Recipe for Kids..
German Kid Recipe NEW
traditional german recipe collection for kids
Milkshake Recipes
swiss cheese picture cheese clipart
Cheese Recipe for Kid

Tuna Recipes How Make Tuna Sandwich Kid Recipe Collection
Tuna Recipes
Pumpkin Recipe for Kid
Kid Recipe Collection Kid Cookie Recipes Cookie Clipart Cookie Recipes

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Kid Cooking
Some helpful Kid Cooking terms:

To Beat: To mix hard with a whisk, spoon, or and electric mixer until smooth.

To Boil : is to have quite a high head until lots of bubbles are forming on the surface of the liquid

To Chop: To cut something into smaller pieces. To finely chop is to cut really small or thin pieces.

To Core: Removing the stem and seeds from the fruit or vegetable like apples

To Drizzle: To pour a thin mixture, such as melted butter or thin icing, over food in a very fine stream.

To Grease: Cover the bottom and sides of your baking dish with greasing margaringe,shortening or vegetable oil.Often it is helpful to drop a little bit onto a kitchen towel then apply to your surface. The absorbant kitchen towel helps not to over grease

To Knead: To mix a dough with your hands or an electric food mixer. When using your hands push the dough down and away from you squeezing with your hands and turn it over .This kneading is repeated several times until the dough has the required consistency.

To Simmer: To cook over a very low flame. The liquid should have small bubbles coming gently to the surface but not boil

To Toss: To thoroughly combine several ingredients by mixing lightly like tossing several salad leaves to make a mixed salad

To Whip: To beat hard and fast, usually with an electric mixer or a handheld whisk like making stiff egg whites.

Kid Cooking Tips Printable Kid Frienldy Recipesclick here to open a printable version of the Kid Cooking Tips for your Kid Recipe Journal

Kid Recipe Collection
~ Keeping a special recipe book or recipe folder is a great idea to keep all those favourite childrens recipes for future generations of little ones to play with

~ in our art group we made a special "Hand me down "Recipe folder past down from mum to daughter ..( or daughter in law -- giggle ... to keep the memory of those special kid cooking times alive

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