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Kid Travel Game

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Lucy Learns ~ Kid Travel on Family Vacations

Maya Homeschool Kid Travel Top 10 Family Top Vacation Worldwide Ideas for Kids

~ Travel Games are a firm favourite in our family
~ No vacation would be complete without them
~ Maya likes playing old favourites like I spy as much a themed travel games tailored to our family vacation destination

in Kid Travel Activity

Travel Games
for Kid Vacations

Lucy Guardian Angel For Kids Travel and Family Vacation Angel
Printable Travel Game
Travel Game for Babies

~ printable travel games are great if you prepare them well ahead before you are traveling with kids

~ organise a folder for each kid to store the travel games and bring them out when the need arises

~ ideal if you have to wait in queues at the airport, have to sit for long hours on car journeys or want to shorten the time whilst traveling on an airplane

~ we have a dedicated site to Traveling with kids and you will find lots of ideas and free pritnables for traveling with kids there

License Plate Games

License Plate Bingo
free pritnable travel game template
License Plate Game Card
free pirntable travel game template

~ babies require a lot of attention and if you hae a long car journey beofre you reach your family vacation destination it pays to be prepared with lost of travel games for babies
Travel Game for Toddler
Kid travel Game
~ whether you are off on air travel with toddler or traveling with toddler by car and bus you will certainly have your hand full if your toddler is very active, so toddler travel games might provide some useful distraction
Travel Game for Child
Kid travel Game
Travel Game for Teen Travel
Kid travel Game for Teens

Car Travel Game Printable Travel Activity
Travel Journal Pages

Kid Car Travel Games

License Plate Games

Car Scavenger Hunt Game

Kid travel Game

Keeping Travel Journals with Kids

Kid Travel Journal Tips
travel activity for kids

How to Keep a Travel Journals with Kids
Tips for journal writing with children on family vacations

Travel Journal Writing Prompts for Kids
inspirational journal wroiting prompts to get kids started being a travel writer on their kid vacation

How to Keep a Travel Diary
if time is short a kid travel diary will keep them up to date with all their memories, ready to be transferred into a vacation scrapbook at home


Free Printable Journal Pages

Africa Safari Travel Journal Pages

Free printable journal pages for kid vavations

Kid Cruise Travel Journal Pages

Printable Travel Activity
Travel Themed Coloring Pages
Going on Vacation
Going on Vacation Pictures to Color
Vacation Homes Coloring Pages

Family Vacations

~ Camping Coloring Pages
~ Beach Coloring Pages
~ Cruises for Kid Coloring Pages
~ Africa Safari Coloring Pages
~ White Water Rafting Pictures to Color

Travel and Transport

~ Boat Coloring Pages
~ Train Coloring Pages
~ Airplane Coloring Pages

Travel Weather

~ Sun Coloring Pages
Rainbow Coloring Page
Airplane Travel Game More Travel Games

~ airplane games can differ a lot due to the space restrictions an inability to move at will
~ however there are a lot of travel games you can play it just takes a little preparation before you fly with children
Airplane Travel Game Scavenger Hunt Game

Airplane Travel Game
Bus Travel Game
Printable Travel Game
Travel Board Games
Bus Travel Game Do you have a Travel Game Idea
~ Traveling with Children on buses can be fun or very exhausting but often is a budget alternative to other vacation transport options
~ foreign countries often have only bus travel available so it pays to be prepared with some ideas for bus travel games
~ Travel Activity for Child
~ Printable Travel Activity
~ Travel Activity Worl Travel with Kids
If you would like to share your family vacations favourite travel activities for kids then submit your entry at our "Kid Travel Activity Fun " Form
Travel Board Game
~ Mini versions of favourite board games are easily available,
~ check for the latest favorite kid travel game in your familiy and find the travel version
Travel Chess Game
Travel Connect 4 Game
or the latest sudoku game craze Boardgame Sudoku Travel
Magnetic Travel Game Scavenger Hunts for Kids Travel Games
~ it is worth watching out for magnetic travel games or even make your own ( you can buy Printer Compatible magent sheets ) and create your won travel games
~ especially useful for toddler travel games ( make magnetic matching games or little animal /farm scenes or their favourite cartoon character playscene)

~ A scavenger hunt game in which individuals or teams seek to find all items on a list.

~ Most often the goal is to race against competitors to retrieve the items on the scavenger list first.

Travel Scavenger Hunt Game for Kid

Airplane Travel Game Scavenger Hunt Game

Car Scavenger Hunt Game

Camping Scavenger Hunt Game

for younger children you could try Road Trip Scavenger Hunts For Younger Kids with picture clues so they can spot them out of the car, inside the plane or on a camping trip
Time Travel Game
~ If you are going on a long journey you can play "Pretend Time travel Games" with older kids
~ Let them imagine they are entering a space time capsules ( and not your old family car ;-) and see where they would like to be transported too , let them describe their arrival at their space time destiantion, what peple look like , what their Space vacation food tastes like etc
Perfect Family Vacation Tips
Prepare well ahead and make use of the free printable kid travel games so that you have a stash of travel activities for your kids when your are in a tight spot- a queue on an airport check-in line, stuck in a car traveling to your family vacation, waiting for a transfer bus at your holiday resort etc

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