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Kids Actitities Newsletter

is designed to make your life as a parent,
teacher, homeschooler,
educator or interested learner a little easier by keeping you up-to-date with what's NEW at

~ This is a FREE Newsletter and brings you up-to-date kids activites for all ages.


~ We inform you when new Themes are added to our A-Z Learning Theme Page
~ We tempt your tastebuds with NEW Yummy Kids Recipes
~ We offer Competions for kids and submissions to the kid art gallery
~ We tickle you with new kid jokes
~ We tell you all about our travelling adventures around the world to get you inspired for your own perfect family vacation
~ We review favourite child friendly web sites that offer real fun kids activities!

All activities are geared towards learning with children at home, whilst you are travelling with kids and teaching at school or after school kid activity clubs.

~ Keeping Kids Curious
~ Keeping Kids
~ Keeping Kids Learning

Maya's Kids Activities Kids of All Ages

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