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Mary Read Pirate


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Mary Read Pirate Fact File
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Pirates Name Mary Read
Introduction Mary Read was raised as a Boy by her mother so she could receive benefits. She Joined the Flemish Army diguised as a man where she fell in love with a fellow soldier. She then revealed her true gender and married. Shortly after her husband died she boarded Calico Jacks ship. Here she was attracted to a sailor who later revealed himself as Anne Bonney another of the famous woman pirates
Her Ships Name a Dutch Merchant Ship
served with Calico Jack on Pirate Ship Treasure
Sailed ~Mary signed on first as a soldier in Flanders in a foot regiment and later changed to a horse regiment. She fell in love with a Fleming, unveiled her true identity of a woman to him , they fell in love and married. The union did not last long as her husband soon died of fever
~Mary again switched to a male attire and set to sea in a Dutch merchant bound for the West Indies,
~ it is said that Mary's ship was taken by by Jack Rackam's ship.( Calico Jack) and they joined as privateers against the Spanish.
~ Mary's sex was not so much as suspected by any person on board till Anne Bonny took a liking to her thinking she was a handsome man
~ She revealed herself as a woman both to Anne Bonny and Calico Jack ( who had grown jealous thinking she was a man as he was in love with Anne Bonney herself
- Privateering soon turned to piracy.
~Captain Jack, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read were taken prisoner and tried for the charges of piracy and subsequently sentenced to hang
Mary Read and Anne Bonney ( sometimes spelled Anne Bonny) were both pregnant at the time, and managed to receive stays of execution until after the births of their children.
Died Mary herself, at the age of 36, had her death sentence for piracy postponed due to her pregnancy,
She died within months of a fever, at date around April 28, 1721.
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Mary Read Pirate the Pirate

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