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The Mauritius Flag

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~ Travelling with kids,seeing the world through a childs eye is our favourite way of spending our family vacation time.
~ On Mauritius Island we spotted lots of mauritian flags decorating buildings and even found in artwork
~ lets learn a little bit more about the mauritius history behind their flag

Mauritius Flag Sticker of mauritian Flag

Mauritian Flags Designs
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~ The mauritian design on their country flag is made up of 4 horizontal stripes

~ from top to bottom on the mauritius island flag the stripes are colored red, blue, yellow and green

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Meaning of the Mauritius Islands Flag  Picture of flags in the wind
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Meaning of the Mauritius Islands Flag

~ the red stripe symbolizes the country's struggle for independence

~ the blue stripe symbolizes the Indian Ocean in which the islands is found

~ the yellow strips symbolizes a bright sunny future for mauritius after it gained its independence

~ the green stripe symbolizes the tropical evergreen vegetation of the mauritius island and its agricultural developments .

Flag Pictures
Maya made a Mauritius Flag at the Kids Club on our beach vacation at Legends Mauritius
Maya made a Flag at the Kids Club on our beach vacation at Legends Mauritius
History of the
Mauritius Islands Flag
Our Mauritian Flag photos
~ as the design of the flag is seen today it was adopted by the mauritians on January 9th 1968
~ Mauritius finally gained its independence from Britain on March 12th 1968.
~ before that date of independence the mauritius flag also featured the British Union Jack
Mauritian flags in the wind Mauritius Flag Photo
Mauritian flags in the wind
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Mauritius Education Kids Activities
mauritius flag
Mauritius Flag Coloring Sheet Color in Mauritian Flag
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Mauritius is a Perfect Family Vacation Destination, we loved the beaches the sand and the opportunity for jungle adventure inland, there is lots to do for kids and the service is impeccable

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