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Mauritius Map

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~ Mauritius is one of those beautifully picturesque islands that invite you to spend a family vacation of a lifetime on its white sandy mauritius beaches
~ there are fantastic kids attractions in the inland too making it an ideal family getaway destination for beach lovers and adventurous explorer kids alike


Mauritius Island Map

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Printable Map of Mauritius
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Map of Mauritius
Mauritius Island is a true pearl in the Indian Ocean
~ We loved the family friendly hotels and resorts, the service was hard to beat for a perfect family vacation

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Where is Mauritius

~ Mauritius Island lies in the Indian Ocean

~On the map Mauritius is a tiny dot surrounded by the blue Indian Ocean

~ The island has had a lot of volcanic activity and is bordered by hree mountain ranges

~ Beautiful coral reefs surround almost the entire coastline.

~ it neigbours the indian ocean islands our Madagascar ( about some 800km in one direction), Reunion Island to another and further north the Seychelles

~ Mauritius lies 20 degrees south of the Equator ( latitude) just above the tropic of capricorn and about 57 degrees east of the greenwich meridian (longtitude)

~ the tropic of capricorn is a line parallel to the equator defining the limit at which the noon day sun is directly above the place on earth )

~ it lies on the end of the Mascarene Ridge, a type of underwater mountain range

~ humans did not arrive on mauiritus island until about 400 years ago, it has no known of indiginous inhabitants but is made up of various nationalities of settlers
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Mauritius Island Map

On the mauritius Island Map you can see that most mauritius hotels and resorts are scattered along the sandy mauritius beaches shore
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Mauritius Island MAp of the Indian Ocean Island
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~ Mauritius neighbouring islands are Rodrigues Island and Reunion Island
~ its largest island neighbour is Madagascar and further north the Seychelles Islands

Black and White
Map of Mauritius

Black and White Map of Mauritius /indian Ocean Island Map
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Mauritius Map

~Mauritius Island is 42 miles (67 kilometres) in length and 29 miles(46 km)at its widest point , it covers a total area of 730 square miles (1865 square km)
~ similar in size would be the english county of surrey or cape penisular in south africa

~ our family is a homeschooling family and we love learning as we travel
~ here some kids activity ideas whilst you are on your family vacation
Kids Activities Mauritius Education
learning a little bit about the places you visit
Geography for Kids
Indentifying Sea Shells 
How to Clean Sea Shell
Sea Shell Picture Gallery
Mauritius Flag
kid printables
Mauritius Family Holiday Ideas
Mauritius- a perfect family vacation destination
~ Have you ever been to Mauritus ?
~ What was your favourite part of the island ?

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