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Mauritius Weather

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~ We were all in need of a nice sunny break as at home it was below minus 2 degrees on most days
~ Mauritius easily qualifies for a best family beach vacation reward in our books and the mauritius island weather is almost brilliant all your round - apart form the odd cyclone which can be an adventure in itself
~ we were informed by mauritius airline on the day of our departure that Mauritius had been issued with cyclone warnings- travelling might be tem
~ check the mauritain weather forecasts carefully before travelling to mauritius island


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What is the Weather in Mauritius Like Today?
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Mauritius weather is very warm but can be prone to high wind activities and quick changes
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Mauritius Weather

Mauritius Waether Maya Splashing in the Tropical Rain

Mauritius Seasons
can be divided into 2 broad seasons
~ a hot and wet season lasting from around December to April
~ a mild cool and dry season from May to November
~ the Mauritius weather is predicatble warm and makes it a wonderful year round family holiday destination

Temperatures on Mauritius Island
~maximum summer temperatures on mauritius beaches average 33 degrees (91F)
~ winter temperatures average 24 degrees (75F)
~ the coolest month on mauritius island are July, August and September
~ the sea is still very warm and swimmable even in Mauritus winter time with a temperature of around 20 degrees (68F)

Weather forecast mauritius

~ We loved the wet humidity as it was accompanied by very warm temperatures and Maya had fun splashing in the rain, a welcome change from the heat of the day
~ to see the rain drench all the flowers and smell the green fresh air afterwards was quite magical

Weather forecast mauritius
Port Louis capital 5 day weather forcast mauritius weather
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Climatic Changes
~ climate varies in different parts of Mauritius Island
~ The wettest part of mauritius island is Curepipe wich receives an average of 3m of rain a year
~ the rainy months are usually between January and May , but higher rainfall is recorded in the centre of Mauritius Island
~ The driest side of the island is on the west coast with only 670mm of rain
~ The hottest part of mauritius island is the west coast too wich reaches temperatures as high as 31degrees and higher
The coldest or better coolest mauritus weather is at the plateau with temp no higher that 27 degrees
~ in mauritian winter the windiest parts are on the east coast
Mauritius Hotels were very greared up for the mauritius weather changes
~ we stayed at the legends mauritius in March and it was amazing to see how quickly the staff responded to the climatic changes in mauritius weather patterns to ensure comfort and safety for all guests
~ one minute is was sunny the next torrential rains would sweep the island - what wonderous beauty

If you are caught out with a rainy few hours ( the rain rarely lasts for long) then here are a few kids activities for you
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tropical storms in mauritius


~ Cyclones are very active in this part of the Indian Ocean from January through to April

~ Cyclones can be very mild, missing Mauritius island altogether or rage quite violently for a while
~ Landing can be very difficult for the airline pilot when there is a storm warning, when we travelled it toko our pilot 7 attempts before we could land safely - the descend was very rough and several people hat to utilise their airsickness bags,so you are well advised to check the mauritius weather forecast before travelling. Our flight had to be delayed by a day and even then was not without its upheavals
~most hotels are pretty greared up and have several stormprove facilities in place

~ when travelling into countries and especially mauritius island where cyclones can happen it is wise to pack a thin rain overcoat, some waterproof flip flops
~ most mauritius hotels do have umbrellas in the room that you can use
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Mauritius Island - a kid adventure paradise

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