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My Milkshake for Kids

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My Milk Shake Recipes for Kids

Strawberry Milkshakes
Chocolate Milkshakes
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Oreo Cookie Milkshake
Candy Bar Milkshakes
Tips for Making Milkshakes Perfect

Make Perfect Milkshake Tips:

~ Note to adult: Please supervise children using the blender.

~ Experiment with adding the milk to blender first, it gives it a good fluid base where the other ingredients dont stick to the walls of the milk shake maker. Then add ice cream and other ingredients like yogurt, creams and fruit etc before blending them all together

~ For thick Milkshakes add a little less milk than the recipe calls for - Experiment !

~ For Fruity Chunky Milk Shakes blend the mixture a little less

~ For Perfect Party Desserts add a little Themed umbrella

~ For Cool Summer Milkshakes put the Milkshake Glasses into the fridge first before filling them with yummy shakes

~ Our most favourite tool for making yummy milkshakes is a Milkshake Recipe Mixer mixer. You simply cant beat the creamy texture and fluffy taste ~ delicious perfect milkshakes every time

~ For fast and easy Milkshakes when time is short try Milkshake Mixes
they come ready made in handy mixes - Specially made for blender use. ! Just add milk and ice for a delicious treat Try Beach Chocolate Milkshake Mix for an irresistable chocolate flavor

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