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Native American Pet Name

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~ to choose a native american name for your pet is a personal choice that should be treated wisely
~ most native americans are very proud of their heritage and it pays to offer the appropriate respect when considering a native american name

Native American pet Name List - Little Furry one

Maya's pet rabbit "Chips"

Native American Names
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Top 10 Pet Names
Unique Pet Names or Native American Origin

Male Names
Unique Pet Names or Native American Origin

Female Names

: Algonquin name meaning " wildcat."
ABUKCHEECH: Algonquin name meaning " mouse."
AHIGA: Navajo name meaning " he fights."
AHOTE: Hopi name meaning " restless one."
AKECHETA: Sioux name meaning " fighter."
ARANCK: Algonquin name meaning " stars."
ASHKII: Navajo name meaning " boy."
ASKOOK: Algonquin name meaning " snake."
ASKUWHETEAU: Algonquin name meaning " he keeps watch."
AYAWAMAT: Hopi name meaning " one who follows orders."
CHEVEYO: Hopi name meaning " spirit warrior."
CHU'A: Hopi name meaning " snake."
ELAN: native american pet name meaning friendly
ENAPAY: Sioux name meaning " brave."
HANIA: Hopi name meaning " spirit warrior."
HE-LUSH-KA: Winnebago name meaning " fighter."
HELAKU: native american pet name meaning "full of sun"
HONIAHAKA: Cheyenne name meaning "little wolf."
HONON: Miwok name meaning " bear."
HONOVI: "native american pet name meaning "strong"
HURITT: Algonquin name meaning " handsome."
KAJIKA: native american pet name meaning "walks without sound"
KUCKUNNIWI: Cheyenne name meaning " little wolf."
KWATOKO: Hopi name meaning " bird with big beak."
LIWANU: Miwok name meaning " growl of a bear."
MAHKAH: Sioux name meaning " earth."
MAHPEE: Sioux name meaning " sky."
MOCHNI: Hopi name meaning " talking bird."
MOJAG: never silent
NAPAYSHNI: Sioux name meaning " strong, courageous."
ODAKOTA: Sioux name meaning " friend."
OHITEKAH: Sioux name meaning " brave."
SIKYATAVO: Hopi name meaning " yellow rabbit.
SONGAN: strong
TAIMA: thunder
TANGAKWUNU: Hopi name meaning " rainbow."
TASUNKE: Dakota name meaning " horse.
TOHOPKA: Hopi name meaning " wild beast."
WAHCHINKSAPA: Sioux name meaning " wise."
WYNONO: firstborn
YUMA: son of a chief

these are native american pet names for male pet names

ABEDABUN: Cheyenne name meaning "sight of day."
ABEY: Omaha name meaning " leaf."
ADSILA: Cherokee name meaning "blossom."
AIYANA: "Forever flowering; eternal blossom."
AMITOLA: rainbow
APONI: butterfly
AWANATA: Miwok name meaning " turtle."
AYASHA: Cheyenne name meaning "little one."

CHEPI: Algonquin name meaning "fairy."
CHU'MANA: Hopi name meaning "snake maiden."
CHU'SI: Hopi name meaning "snake flower."
CHUMANI: Sioux name meaning " dewdrops."
KASA: Hopi name meaning "dressed in furs."
KAYA: Hopi name meaning "elder sister."
KIMAMA: Shoshone name meaning "butterfly."
KIMI: Algonquin name meaning "secret."
KIMIMELA: Sioux name meaning " butterfly."
LOMASI: pretty flower
LULU: rabbit
LUYU: wild dove
MAPIYA: Sioux name meaning " sky."
MOSI: Navajo name meaning " cat."
NAMID: Cheyenne name meaning "star dancer."
NIDAWI: Omaha name meaning " fairy."
NOVA: Hopi name meaning "chases butterfly."
OLATHE: beautiful
ORENDA: Iroquois name meaning "magic power."
PAKWA: Hopi name meaning " frog."
PULES: Algonquin name meaning "pigeon."
SALALI: Cherokee name meaning "squirrel."
SATINKA: magical dancer
SIHU: Hopi name meaning " flower."
TADITA: Omaha name meaning " one who runs."
TAIPA: Miwok name meaning " spread wings."
TALULAH: Choctaw name meaning "leaping water."
TEHYA: precious
TIVA: Hopi name meaning " dance."
WAKANDA: Sioux name meaning " possesses magical power."
WEEKO: Sioux name meaning " pretty."
WENONA: firstborn daughter
WIHAKAYDA: Sioux name meaning " little one."
WYANET: beautiful
YAMKA: Hopi name meaning " blossom."
YAZHI: Navajo name meaning " little one."
ZITKALA: Dakota name meaning "bird."
this column are native american pet names for female pet names

From all the native american names we found that our favourite one for a weeny pet is
Ciqala is believed to be a dakota name
meaning " little one."
native american pet name

~ Often when your Pet for Child arrives the exitement is so overwhelming that the importance of choosing a good pet name can be overlooked

~ to bridge the time until you find your perfect name for your kids pet use little pet nicknames like "little one" or sweetie until the perfect one will present itself

Our favourite native american pet name for a female pet name is Kasa- dressed in furs :-)

~ Let Choosing a pet name be fun and take your time , there is no rush
~ choosing a unique pet name can be a fun experience and kids love getting involved in the decision making , especially if it is your kids pet
~ see our tips page on choosing a unique pet name to give you some more inspiration

Choosing a Pet Name
~ native american pet name is special if you look at the temperament and nature of your pet and find a name that suits it
Pets for Child Animal Lovers
Remember !! Pets for Kids are an addition to the whole family and when choosing a family pet ,it is a decision for life.
~ What is your pets name ?
~ How did you come to choose that particular name for your pet ?

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