Odysseus Journey

Odysseus Journey, People , Places and odyssey characters from our Odyssey Summary , Odysseus Travel Map, People, Greek Gods and Goddesses Mentioned and Telemachus Journey for Homeric Geography Mapwork

Odysseus Journey Homer Cliaprt

Here you will find our Free Teacher Resources and Educational Printables for The Odyssey by Homer Unit Studies, Lesson Plans and High School Homeschooling Curriculum Ideas for Teaching about the Odyssey by Homer.we share our favourite resources for teachers, homeschooling parents and educators and indeed students themselves.. may you enjoy them as much as we didLucy loves creating new educational clipart too , so let us know your fave's or most wanted mythological clipart for us to consider

Odysseus Journey Places

Odysseus Journey around the Islands

  1. Troy
  2. Island of the Cicones
  3. The Island of the Lotus Eaters
  4. The Island of the Cyclope
  5. The Island of Aeolus
  6. The Land of the Laestrygonian
  7. Circe's Island
  8. The Underworld
  9. The Island of the Sirens
  10. Scylla and Charybdis
  11. The Island of Helios
  12. Ogygia ( Calypso's Island)
  13. The Island of the Phaecians
  14. Ithaca

Alphabetical List of Places in Odysseys Journey

Odysseus Journey around the Islands

Aeaea - Circe's Island The island home of the enchantress nymph Circe.

Aeolia - The Island of Aeolus, A floating island of the king of the winds.

Capri - The Island of the Sirens

Cicones - Island of the Cicones , the thracian tribe whose capital was raided by Odysseus and his men at the end of the Trojan War after leaving Troy.

Hades - The Underworld, the land of the dead. other names for Hades and the Underworld are Tartarus or Klysium.

Ithaca - The island kingdom of Odysseus. Off the west coast of mainland Greece nr the island of Kefalonia

Ismaurus - Island of the Cicones, Ismaurus is he capital of the Cicones, located in Thrace, in the northeastern region of Greece.

Laestrygonian -The Land of the Laestrygonian, home to tribe of cannibal barbarians who defeat Odysseus and his men when the Greek ships land in their country.

Ogygia - Calypso's Island, Island home of the nymph Calypso. some scholars of the odysseys journey deem it to be modern day Malta.

Olympus - a 2,917 mtr high mountain on mainland Ancient Greece , mainly refered to as Homes as the 12 Olympian Gods so home to many of the greek gods and goddesses. in the words of Homer " Olympus was not shaken by winds nor ever wet with rain, nor did snow fall upon it, but the air is outspread clear and cloudless, and over it hovered a radiant whiteness"

Phaeacians - The inhabitants of the land of Scheria.

Pylos - The kingdom of Nestor, located on the Peloponnesian Peninsula to the south of mainland greece..

Scheria - The island home of the Phaeacians, and the kingdom of Alcinous. Also may be referred to as Drepane.

Sparta - The home Menelaus, his kingdom is located on the Peloponnesian Peninsula to the south of Greece.

Troy - A kingdom that was destroyed by the Greeks in the Trojan War. It is located on the western coast of Asia Minor nr modern day Turkey

Thrinacia - Island home to the cattle of the sun god, Helios.

Odysseus Travel Map

There are various interpretations on the accuracy of any type of map of odysseus journey as many scholars point out inaccuracies in being able to match up actual geographical locations with the varying tales of the Odyssey .. the joinery taken. From Westwinds pointing in the wrong direction to have made arrival at certain islands possible to misspelling of names or plainly omitting certain parts of the epic poem altogether to fit into a proposed map. In the end the reader is left to make up their own mind just how well this tale of greek mythology can be matched up with actual homeric geography in real life.. So here some choice variations of odysseus journey map contenders

Telemachus Journey

Telemachus, Odysseus son starts his journey to trace the whereabouts of his father and one can follow the varying places in Greece and surrounding islands.( suitable for MAPWORK studys on homeric geography)

  • Telemachus Journey Odyssey Map

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