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Palm Sunday Crafts

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our favourite selection of easy Easter Crafts for kids for Palm Sunday

Little Donkey's Big Day (Palm Sunday
Little Donkey's Big Day (Palm Sunday )

~ Palm Sunday is the sixth and final Sunday during Lent and it marks the beginning of Holy Week
~ For Christians Palm Sunday is a day to commemorate Jesus journey to Jerusalem.
~ Jesus's path was decorated with palm branches, which is a symbol of victory
~ today palms and palm decorations are made and blessed as a reminder of Jesus' journey.
~ Palm weaving is one of the techniques used
~ it is an art fom that takes palms and manipulates them to create various designs following a weaving pattern

HELPFUL HINT for Palm Weaving with palm weaving fronds

If the palms weaving fronds begin to dry out refresh them by soaking them in water.
~ Take them out and shake well to remove the excess water.
~ Place the fresh palm weaving fronds a plastic bag and store in a refrigerator or a cool place, to keep them pliable and easy to bend.
~ You can also re-use dried palms by boiling them in water to soften -keep them moist while you are weaving.


~ Egg Template Patterns
~ several hen egg patterns, large and small sized, egg background collage pattern, and egg set template to print
free egg templates

~ Easter Template Patterns
~ several hand drawn easter egg templates , a collage egg images background , an easter egg shape book
free easter egg pattern to print


Palm Sunday Crafts:
Palm Thorn Crown Weaving

Palm Thorn Crown Weaving Palm Sunday Crafts Instructions
~To make the "thorns" cut 1/3/" angel cuts into the width of the palm weaves
~ Use your fingers to curl these tiny points "upward" and curl all of them in the same direction.

Palm Sunday Craft:
Palm Cross Weaving

Palm Jesus Cross Palm Cross Weaving Palm Sunday Crafts Instructions
Click on Thumbnail to print
Step by Step Instructions for Palm Sunday cross Weaving Craft
palm sunday crafts
Palm Sunday Clip Art

If you would like to print or download palm sunday clipart click here for our selection

How to Make a Palm Sunday Craft Cross -
Palm Cross for Palm Sunday Video Tutorial

And another Version of a Palm Sunda Craft Tutorial


~ What's your favourite Palm Sunday Craft ?
~ Have you ever made a Palm Cross Craft ?


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