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Pet for Child


"Where Kid Activities and Learning is Fun "

Kids love pets and looking after one can be a very pleasurable experience for all the members of the family

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~ As I am writing this our pet rabbit Chips is curious about all the noise on the keyboard and munching away on some paper sheets
~ Enjoy our our family's favourite pet animal tips

Unique Pet Name for Pet Rabbit Chips

Maya's pet rabbit "Chips"

Choosing a Pet for Kid
Pet Facts
to consider
Lucy Guardian Angel For Kids Travel and Family Vacation Angel
What's New
How to Choose a Pet for a Child
Pets for Kids Young and Old
~ we love pets and have had many over the years that have been part of our family
~ often it is difficult to choose which animal best suits our lifestyle and sometimes it is heart braking not to be able to welcome a pet into our home because circumstances dont permit it

~Maya loves animals, has done so ever since she was very little
~ Here we want to share our ups and downs and joyful moments with our favorite pets
Pet Pictures
~ info and tips on choosing a good pet for child of different ages
~ there are different considerations when choosing a pet for small kid then for teenagers

~ consider child pet allergy problems and what to avoid

Our Pet Photo Gallery
Submit your Favorite Pet Photo to our gallery
Child Pet photography Tips
pet for child name
Popular Pet Animals Animal Kingdom
~ a list of popular pet animals kid friendly pet animal
how about an exotic animal pet as pet
if you can't have a pet at home you might want to look into wild animals as pets
Animal Pet Tag Tips
Animal Kingdom Pet Store
Toy Pet Animals
Child and Pet Death Pet Books
~ before deciding on a pet for child it is advisable to consider the implications of pet death too
~ there a important facts about pet animal health and lifespan of the animal you need to know before purchasing a new pet and indeed whehter it is worth to take out animal health insurance pet cover plans

A child book about pet care
Books on Pets
Pet Care for Kid
Unique Pet Names
~ caring for a pet is can be a full time job and often in the excitement ones does not see all the little jobs that need to be done regularly , pet care for kid can be really educational too so take a look at whats involved
Most Popular Pet Names
Pet Name
How to Choose a Pet Name
Pet Activities for Kids
~ a unique pet name is often really good fun but so are old time favourites

~ Take a little peek at our list of favorite pet names it might help you get you inspired too
Pet Coloring Pages
Animal Costume Pet and Masks
Pet Crafts for Kid
Lesson Plan Animal and Pet
Pet Game for Kid
Good Pet Name - Choosing a Unique Pet Name
~ What is your most unique pet name you have ever given a pet of yours?
~ Do you like pets that have really cute pet names or with really weird pet names ?
~ Vote for your favorite pet name here
Pets for Child Animal Lovers
Remember !! Pets for Kids are an addition to the whole family and when choosing a family pet ,it is a decision for life.

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