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Windsor Castle


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Picture of Windsor Castle castle england windsor

~ Castles are such a common sight in England but have you ever wondered what a castle actually is?
~ Who built the first castle?
~ We are going to explore castle life and famous castles
~ Lets explore knights in shining armour and tales of princess castles
~ All pages suitable for castle lessonplans, unit studies and general learning about english castles and foreign equivalents
~ Quick visitor information to make the most of your visit to Windsor castle England

Homes of British Royalty castle uk windsor

Fact Windsor Castle

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Windsor Castle

castle photo windsor royal homes
picture of windsor castle
Castle Location

Windsor Castle, England, Windsor
Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1NJ, South East England

Tel: 0044 (0)20 7766 7304
Fax: 0044 (0)20 7930 9625
24-hour information line tel: 0044 (0)1753 831118
email: windsorcastle@royalcollection.org.uk

Castle First Impressions


~ out of the english castles Windsor Castle Englands Royal Residence is magnificent
~ on a beautiful summer day the sunshine sparkles of the majestic exterior
~ as an officual residence of the queen, the queens royal home, if an English Royal is at Home then the Flag will be raised to announce their occupancy

Windsor Castle History :

castle history windsor castle picture windsor
castle history windsor castle picture windsor

picture of windsor castle


~ Windsor Castle is the jewel in the crown of the british monarchy.
~ It is the largest occupied castle in the world and dates back over 900 years.
The site for castle london windsor was chosen by William the Conqueror, as a good defensive position for the western approach to London.
~ The Tower of London being a mere day's march away from Windsor Castle
the current resident of HRH Elizabeth II, who spent much of her childhood at the castle inside windsor .
~ Sadly after the castle fire windsor and some of the work that she oversaw was much needed restoration after the Windsor Castle fire in 1992.
~ An upsetting time which she touched on in her famous Annus Horriblus Christmas speech.
~The restoration work after the windsor castle fire was completed in 1997 and the castle has once again been returned to it's pre fire glory.

Windsor Castle Tour -
Video Tour of Windsor Castle History

Castle Insider Tips

~ Reduced admission charges apply when the State Apartments are closed.

Castle Must Sees - What we liked best

~St. George's Chapel
~Queen Mary's Dolls' House
~burial place of Kings and Queens
~ Windsor Castle Exhibition

Castle Horror - What we did not like
~ The Castle is a working castle so at times things that you may have been looking forward to are closed (there are several dates during the year)
~ Best to check if the Queen has entertainment plans as the State apartments will be closed to the public if she has.
Castle Characters:

~ Windsor castle has got the Royal castle guard windsor guards
~ Changing of the Guard is o
n alternate days at 11:00, weather permitting (with the exception of Sundays),
~ there is a 24 hour phone 0044 (0)1753 831118
to find out exact times

Castle Pictures

castle picture windsor

Windsor Castle Picture
picture of windsor castle

Windsor Castle: England's Royal Fortress  castle picture windsor
Windsor Castle: England's Royal Fortress

castle picture windsor

Windsor Castle Visit

Castle Visits

Opening Hours

March - October:
9.45am - 5.15pm daily

November - February:
9.45am - 4.15pm daily

there are several dates when windsor castle is closed so double check before you travel

Castle Entry Costs
~There are lots of different entry prices including family tickets and if you are visiting more than one attraction in the area it would be worth phoning the information line to find out if there are any concessions
~ Adult standard tickes are usually around £12 and kids tickets around £6, under 5's are free

Castle Facilities:
~ the grounds are not suitable for picnics
~ most areas are accessible by wheelchair, Wheelchairs can be borrowed, free of charge, from the Visitor Centre
~ there are no cafe's or food and drink facilities at Windor castle itself, so make sure you bring some provisions, however there are plenty of cafes and restaurants just outside Windsor Castle
~ there are lots of castle hotel windsor and Bed and Breakfast facilities nearby
~ You will need to allow 2 - 3 hours for your visit to Windsor Castle.

Castle Kids:
Windsor Castle England
~ there is a baby care room
~ there are several brilliant audio guides available, so grab a pair of headphones and enjoy commentary of your windsor castle tour
~ there is a beautiful Girls Dolls house to be seen - this is no ordinary doll's house though! It belonged to Queen Mary and is simply stunning,exquisitely perfect to the tiniest detail, she probably needed a step ladder to play with the top rooms it's so big! You'd certainly need a royal home to be able to fit something like this in.
~ Be inspired by a Windsor Castle picture Model
~ picture of windsor castle
~ We hope you enjoyed our castle explore guide and may have to chance to visit for yourself

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